Diehard GameFAN: Record of Agarest War Zero Review

DHGF: Record of Agarest War Zero is a fun game, but it’s pretty much a stripped down and rehashed version of the first game. Sure they’ve improved the dating sim elements, but the story is extremely generic and there are only two generations to play through, where the first game features four. The engine is extremely solid and the game is fun, but it feels like Idea Factory and Compile Heart threw out a shorter, shallower game to fit the release schedule between Agarest 1 and 2. If you liked the first game and you’re fine with playing nearly the exact same thing, the Limited Edition is worth picking up with some neat swag to boot.

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Omegabalmung2656d ago

sounds good man. Gonna head to gamestop later today and trade in brink and dungeon siege 3 for this game.