Get Enraptured In The First Official Bioshock Novel

Somewhere.....beyond the sea...Rapture falls into disarray. The once great city, standing tall as a pioneer in human achievement deep in the ocean, has now fallen into disrepair, anarchy and chaos as the genetically modified denizens fight over ADAM, that mysterious substance that allows them to 'Splice'. Many of you will be familiar with this tale from Bioshock 1, but if you've ever wondered exactly how the fall of Rapture came about, be prepared to delve further into the Bioshock universe with the release of the first Bioshock novel.

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Cwalk8162708d ago

I usually don't like game novels, because they have to add some so much that it feels like something different. I'll check the first one out though to see how it was done.

jesscamegan2708d ago

Oh that is awesome! I love reading, so this has def. got my interest!

ares21al2708d ago

ehhh IDK about this, Game-book translations never seem to work well.