Microtransactions To Spoil Gaming?

“The only profitable route” says Trip Hawkins. The route to ruin, say we.

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imoutofthecontest2661d ago

Consumers are stupid though so they'll keep shelling out for it and keep the business model alive with what I call the "Dumb Bucks." If no one bought stupid crap and stuck to their guns, yeah, we could avoid it. But group stupidity is truly humanity's greatest enemy. I mean hey, Farmville is like a multi-million dollar operation now. Yeah. Take a step back and look at what we've become.


Yep.....could not have said it better really...

pixelsword2661d ago

"The route to ruin, say we."

I thought "Talk like a pirate day" was September 19th

Soldierone2661d ago

However these stupid people are like cows. They follow each other and eventually they will leave this market. All these companies gearing themselves towards this crowd to make a quick buck, assuming they will be there forever.

But the truth is something new will step in and attract their stupidity and all these companies will be begging for mercy to get the regular consumer back.

GrumpyVeteran2661d ago

I think it already has ruined gaming, it's becoming so common nowadays, I hate it.

nirwanda2661d ago

It depends on what it is they are selling if its whole new levels like shivering isle from oblivion or horse armor there can be good or bad dlc.

BeastlyRig2661d ago

If they do it like Valve then sure!

Calm Down Sunshine2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

In my opinion, Valve have found an acceptable way of doing it with Team Fortress 2...

The core and majority of the game is free, everything else is achievable in one of two ways...

1) You're a respectable human and play the game, gathering and crafting items over time.

2) You're a pathetic Sheep's arse-worm and take the short-cut to your 'reward', and are punished for doing so via a charge.

Whilst I'd prefer microtransactions not to exist at all... I think, if they must, that this is the way to do it.

For a better explanation, see bozebo's comment below.

bozebo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

Microtransactions can be a good thing, but they can also be a bad thing - and usually are because the developers/publishers implementing it don't understand what gamers/players want properly.

Take League of Legends for example. You can experience all the gameplay without paying a penny. Paying for exp/ip boosts or characters can speed up your 'progress' but the game is so fun anyway that I really didn't see any need to do that - I only bought a couple of character skins to show my support for the developer. Overall, if somebody was to buy all the content it would be far more expensive than a normal game - but you wouldn't use all the content anyway so you are able to only pay for what you care about - and that makes it considerably cheaper than most games, especially for the colossal amount of potential gameplay.

Microtransactions have to be impartial, they can't trend the balance of a game in the favour of those who pay more - that just goes against the whole point of playing multiplayer games and is unfair.

Cosmetic changes are a grey area, In TF2 I think they are a bit distasteful (or were until it became F2P) and WoW has pushed it a bit too with the price - but they knew people were willing to cash out...

I don't like it when some game content is put into the microtransaction realm when it should have been unlockable in the game anyway. Rather than prove your worth by being awesome - you have to pay somebody who you have already bought the game off of... And the content was already on the disk that you bought (it has to be that way), so technically they already sold it to you once. Imagine if that was how Halo 3/Reach did its armour pieces and you will see what I mean.