David Rutter: ‘amazing’ EA and knowledge sharing

PS3A says, "When you play Battlefield 3 later this year, admire the soldiers’ realistic movements and then acknowledge the FIFA development team for helping DICE to implement this superb animation technology. However, whatever you do, don’t suggest that EA Sports designed the animations for Battlefield 3."

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bozebo2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

This is how the games industry keeps pushing the boundaries, collaboration between peers. Nice :P


"And I’m hoping one day that the world will realise that EA isn’t the mean marketing machine that it might have been in the past and that we’re trying to do the right thing, and I’m glad to be a part of that."

Maybe if their QA testers wern't useless for anything except sports titles... And if their servers worked and weren't super slow/buggy... then I would take that statement at face value.

BeastlyRig2661d ago

EA does a good job funding the right devs!

Hufandpuf2660d ago

This is all good so far, but lets see who changes first between EA and ACTI after the holiday season.