Why Rocksteady chose Catwoman over Robin for Batman: Arkham City

OXM UK: "Rocksteady Studios has given Catwoman a more prominent role than legendary sidekick Robin in Batman: Arkham City in order to "go places the Batman never would" and "do things the Batman never would". Like leaving your top half undone, for instance."

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mananimal2654d ago

lol, i was just going to say that, but of course even though every MORON could even figure this out, They will LIE, and NOT tell the TRUTH, as if were not smart enough to understand, lol. Doesnt matter, im not impress with this sequel anyhow, the graphics or art direction they chose, blows compared to the 1st, plus i dont need videogame PORN, so ill just kindly give you the MIDDLE FINGER, cause im not a COMPROMISER, Im Principled and Disciplined.

FEARprototype2654d ago

did you know that batman is a human? and he have sexual Desires like anyone alse?

NovusTerminus2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

"go places the Batman never would" and "do things the Batman never would"

..................It is NOT "The Batman"! It is just BATMAN!!! /rant

HeavenlySnipes2654d ago

Some guy of facebook made his name 'Batman' so in order to let everyone know who the real one is, Bruce calls himself 'The Batman. It stuck with him though, with many villains making sure they say "The Batman is coming" in order to let their compatriots know that it is indeed the real one, not the 12 year old one asking for XBL points over facebook.

This is a Public Service Announcement to let everyone know

wallis2654d ago

Because robin is an artifact of bygone era where a middle aged bachelor could adopt a young teenage boy into his ward, dress him up in masks and tight fitting clothes, take him out to dark alley ways and no one would bat an eyelid?

And now in a world where batman is being adapted as an actual serious action movie as opposed to child's cartoon in live action format we're finding that large parts of the mythology don't really fit into a modern day world?

Like a teenage boy living in a mansion with a middle aged, and let's be honest, absolutely deranged bachelor?

dgonza402654d ago

so catwoman is better?

personally, i'd prefer Robin.
He looked badass in that black and white pic.

SephirothX212652d ago

The majority of male players are straight and as such prefer catwoman. Its unlucky for you in this case that you are in the minority.

Rom8282654d ago

Either way... It will be here soon. Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.