Interview with David Reeves: ‘Middle East region worth $75 million’ [MEGamers]

MEGamers chats up with Capcom Europe head David Reeves about the Middle East region, region-specific customization such of FIFA 12, his opinion on PSV and WiiU, PSN down time and a lot more.


It's $750 million, yes!

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nikoado2661d ago

Shouldn't the title say "$750 million" instead of "$75 million" ?

Middle East Gamers2661d ago

Whoops! Cannot update the title now but added the update in. Thanks a bunch!

b_one2661d ago

Nice to know that i live in such rich region...

KongRudi2661d ago

Journey is kind of an arabic localization of Tomb Raider.
There is strange letters, unrecogniseable speech, and clothed women. Just kidding, but I think he is definately on the right track with localization on games like Fifa, in middle east I think is very smart.

Codemasters should concider localizing Formula One, and Sega Virtua Tennis.. I know there are races and tournaments there, so I assume those sports are popular there. :)

It's not a topic I know much about, the only games I think I know about wich has arabic localization is Ratchet & Clank and Heavenly Sword, if I recall correct.