Sacred 2 Gets Support from Blind Guardian

Soon Blind Guardian fans can admire their heroes as computer game characters. As part of a unique cooperation with Ascaron Entertainment the fantasy metal rockers will have a guest appearance in the PC and Xbox 360 title Sacred 2 – Fallen Angel.

To provide a fitting soundtrack for this virtual event, Blind Guardian will record a special song for the game, which will be released as a separate single next year. In addition, the video clip to be produced for the new song will feature sequences taken straight from the game.

Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel is the long-awaited sequel to the internationally most successful German action RPG of all time. Game fans can look forward to an all-new epic game with many new features and expansions of the popular concept. Players discover and explore a vast, highly detailed world with breathtaking graphics – for the first time in full 3D. Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel captivates players with its gripping story, which they can experience in two entirely different ways (light or shadow campaign).

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