Top 5 Gaming Franchises That Would Be Absolutely Huge As MMOs

Bright Hub "We all know that Massive Multiplayer Online games are becoming bigger and bigger and many top-notch publishers are cashing in on the MMO market, whether it’s free-to-play or pay-to-play. But gamers would probably love it if they were able to play a few specific MMOs from some of the biggest franchises out there; from Mass Effect to Tron, hence here’s a list of the top 5 franchises that would be huge as MMOs."

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FlashXIII2657d ago

Don't think I'd put any of them in my top 5 for online mmos.. granted I haven't played mass effect yet. Not sure what my top 5 would be but my top 2 would be an Elder Scrolls mmo and a Pokemon mmo.

Lylat_642657d ago

Ontop of those 2, I wouldn't mind a Dragon Quest or a Monster Hunter MMO.

evrfighter2657d ago

If like to see an mmo based in hyrule. Not a zelda mmo mind you, but if ocarina of time is any indication it would be a pretty amazing world

HeavenlySnipes2657d ago

MMO would shut down the internet

Sarobi2657d ago

You nailed that one on the head perfectly.

cyguration2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

There would be a lot more poor people, too...because all their money would go into the Pokemon cash shop.

Nintend's new slogan "Can't catch e'm all? BUY E'M ALL!!!"

elbeasto862657d ago

I doubt they would let you buy Pokemon in the cash shop. But it would definitely be awesome if they had all the regions and every pokemon in the game. I really want a pokemon MMO.

Bonobo123452657d ago

A well done zombie mmo might be quite fun.

OR a Ninja mmo

or a pirate mmo.

cyguration2657d ago

There are towns infested with zombies in Fallen Earth...if that counts.

I_am_Batman2657d ago

Top 5 Gaming Franchises That Would Be Absolutely Huge As MMOs ... and would suck really hard. Ok Mass effect as an MMO may work. But Resident Evil and Splinter Cell would be an absolute fail caused by the thousands of players running around. Tron as an MMO may be pretty good though.

Breadisgood2657d ago

Some pretty bizzare choices in that article if you ask me. The best one would be Mass Effect. Lost Planet could be ok because of the factions in it and the pretty cool game world but I'm not sure it would be "huge".


There's a zombie mmo in development for the Xbox and PC that is sounding awesome at the moment called Class 4 (just a codename at the moment).