Why Sony Being in 3rd Place is a Good Thing

Since 2005 the console wars have been raging on. With the Xbox 360 first out of the gate, Microsoft positioned itself to upstage Sony and Nintendo by getting a jump on 3rd party support and console sales. Nintendo and Sony followed out a year later bringing the Wii and PS3 in 2006. While Sony had a rough start because of the high price tag and lack of software, Sony has recovered nicely and is beloved by millions of gamers worldwide. With this generation coming to close within the next couple years and Sony sitting in 3rd place in total console sales here are a few reasons why it’s a good thing Sony is in 3rd place.

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firemassacre2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

if the ps3 was in third place...

how come back on 2006 the lead was 8 million.(ps3 was not for sale even ;) )
now the lead is around 3 or so. (maybe less)

so a THIRD PLACE console is selling more?

and i also think its dumb to state...

"why sont finishing in third place is a good thing"

question... Since when are they finished?

Theyellowflash302657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

In overall console sales the PS3 is in 3rd place. Both the Xbox 360 and Wii has sold more in overall console sales. That would make it 3rd... right? While it is selling more than the Wii right now and more than the 360 in some regions its still in 3rd place in overall LTD sales.

- So what is the problem? And did you even read the article? Its by no mean flame bait. So..... stop trying to make an argument when there is none.

*Read the article and it CLEARLY says the next generation starting up in the next couple years. And its based on where Sony WAS and what they did to catch up. Calm down dude, your getting all worked up and contentious for no reason.

firemassacre2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Change the headline, sony are not "Finishing" in third place as if the console is not going to sell anymore. they are still competitors, and im not all worked up dude ;)

its should be titled

why i am ASSUMING sony is finishing in 3rd place.

RedDead2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

They need affordable this time and not show tech demos at E3. Super fail on overhyping in 06. And don't make the false promise of 60FPS FUll 1080P. Although this time I imagine that res and FPS will be standard in all consoles.

Zir0, I think everyone is against VGcharts really, all fanboys and fans know it isn't reliable, they don't even count digital distribution sales. Fail for info

Treyb3yond2657d ago

No. World wide sales wise ps3 IS NOT in 3rd place. Article was written by a fool.

Roymunson2657d ago Show
AAACE52657d ago

@firemassacre... This is the 5th year for most consoles. Regardless of what they say about console life span, we are nearing the finish line for this race!

Early next year, more info on Wii U will be released and possibly the next Ps3 and Xbox will be announced! Once that happens, Interest for this current gen will be over!

Sure the Ps3,360 and Wii will continue to sell, but it will be more like watching people continue to race after the race is over! What's the point?

joeorc2657d ago

Playstation in 3rd place? hardly, strong second if anything:

if your talking about talking about only the Wii, ps3, an the xbox360...Oh yea it makes the Microsoft only console look far stronger in the market than it really is. Notice when media an forums are talking about other markets except this one they talk about all offerings, not just one product line?

playstation was not in third as a platform, an I think you an many other's are taking too highly of this system wars grandstanding to see the truth of the matter.

the Platform of Playstation is not just about the PS3, While the PS3 is part of it, the PS3 was not an will never be just the entire "Playstation Platform" as a whole. I am always seeing this brought Sony is in 3rd place..really by what account?

Nintendo is 1st no doubt they have the most # of their Nintendo platforms on the shelf to sell to the consumer world wide. Sony is 2ND, with the 2nd most number of systems to sell world wide on the shelf.

If your trying to Say that Microsoft moved past Sony?

UMM. No Microsoft Has "ONE" count them UNO platform's in the Game Console Market. Unless you want to count PC but anyone can count PC, Linux, Apple..PC means Personal Computer not just the "Windows OS" being the Only PC.

They all have games for their platform's.

Microsoft Has the single xbox360 platform in this market.

Sure there is more than one Model of Xbox360. But it's still only one platform. while Sony an Nintendo both have more than 3 platforms in the market.

So no the Xbox as a platform is still in 3rd an will most likely remain in 3rd because Microsoft only Has "one platform " IN THIS Game console market. Not to mention their Hand Held Game System is Windows Mobile Phone,Which many here will claim is not a Hand Held Game console, just like the Xperia-play is for Sony. But at least Sony has the PSP platform.

Microsoft does not even ship to as many countries world wide their xbox360 platform to as many countries as Sony an Nintendo, Microsoft has not been in this market long enough to get their distribution chains set up to as many countries world Wide, because they have not had enough time on the Market.

While the xbox360 is a great platform it its own right, it is the only platform Microsoft has in this market, an it's "xbox" as a Platform is the xbox360 by itself.

Blaze9292657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Lmao, dude...LIFETIME WORLDWIDE sales put the ps3 and Sony in third place this gen so far. That's simply a fact. I dunno what all you typed that stuff for but I can't even gripe how you turned something so simple into that.

Worldwide total sales since release:

1. Wii - Nintendo
2. Xbox 360 - microsoft
3. Ps3 - sony

There are numbers to prove this

...that's all

jadenkorri2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

@ Blaze929
alright blaze, Your in a race, I get 1 full lap ahead before you and bob can go. After six laps bob passed me and stays ahead by about half a lap and steady. You caught up but lost by about 3 seconds to 2nd place.

Now answer me, Should I be in 2nd Place?

This question applies to Zir0 below

Bzone242657d ago

Your analogy is flawed. Nobody stopped Bob and the other guy from going for a lap when the green flag flew. They were late for the race.

Nobody waits for a driver who is late getting to the track. It's their own fault. Guess one of them had a fast car and got back in the race and is leading. The other is still in third.

jadenkorri2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

@ Bzone24


@ Roymunson
wow, you do realize that the 33% - 50% - 75% RROD Xbox 360 consoles were warrantied and fixed. They didn't just fall off the planet. Even to that fact, if I sold 10 million products, and 1 million customers threw them away, I still SOLD 10 million.

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Zir02657d ago ShowReplies(3)
the_best_player2657d ago

Sony is in First Place for games.

dgonza402657d ago

okay disagrees, prove him wrong :p
dont be phantom disagrees

Bereaver2657d ago

Well...... he's right. PS3 does not only have the highest rated library of games but the best variety. But... he's off topic.

joeorc2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

like i said before it's nice to look at this market in a vacuum.

but it does not change the fact that no matter how you cut it the game console market is not just the PS3 the Xbox360 an the Wii. it includes all the platform's in their product lines offered by the companies. which Microsoft only has one Platform for developer's to make games for.

Like i stated if you count the PC in this market you may as well count in smartphones an Tablet's in this market also.

because we can do that if you, which shrinks the market share each of the companies has but Microsoft is going to once again have the lowest among the 3, but we can do that if you want. want simple here it is.

number of game platforms offered in the game comsumer electronic market all on the shelf right now to sell to the consumer.

Microsoft- uno, one single platform the xbox360!

Sony- the Playstation 3, the playstation 2, the playstation portable.

An soon to be the Playstation Vita.

Nintendo- Nintendo DS, XL,SI,3DS but Nintendo Has the Wii an now soon to be the Wii U to be added.

it is a fact no matter how you slice it

Microsoft only has the xbox360, you can count it all you want but the mere fact that sony has "3" systems on the shelf selling "3" systems to the consumer. Nintendo has "5" even more systems on the shelf to sell to consumer's than even Sony.

Its nice to try to put Microsoft in a better light in its place in this part of the market, but it does not change anything. Microsoft does not sell as many "xbox" platform's world wide as Sony does "Playstation" platform's world wide or "Nintendo" does with Nintendo platforms world wide.

# of platforms

Nintendo 5
Sony 3
Microsoft 1

that is a fact.

market share is more than just counting a single platform offered in the console market than the one that just pertains to the one in for the living room.

Hmm I wonder why people always try to only talk about just the "living room console" for brand market share in this market..Oh that's right Microsoft only has the one game

chidori6662657d ago

For Sony fans and gamers everywhere, coming in last place is never a good thing. ...

Kungfue2656d ago


more like for 360 fanboys with no games sales is more important since its the only thing they can brag about while the real gamers couldn't care less about what "place" their console is because their getting exclusives every month(LBP2,KZ3,Infamous 2 etc).

Breadisgood2657d ago

It's funny how defensive some fanboys get when there isn't even anything to be defensive about.

It doesn't even say "finishing" in the title dude.

DaTruth2657d ago

Does it occur to you that that was the title when he made his post 3 hours ago, and the submitter changed it for good reason!

Happens all the time!

Breadisgood2657d ago

@Da Truth

My bad I guess, I'm just bitter at how much fan boy ranting goes on on N4G, especially when it comes to the PS3.

StanLee2657d ago

@ firemassacre

8 million?! Really?! How, when Microsoft sold only about 3 and a half million consoles globally it's first year?

Christopher2657d ago

They actually sold a little over 6m in their first year.

2657d ago
TheXonySbox2657d ago Show
montyburns0002657d ago

can't get it through that thick headed fanboy skull hey?

Roymunson2657d ago ShowReplies(1)
kingdoms2657d ago

What the heck is going on in here? When these companies last gave their reports it showed the 360 had widened the gap back to over 5 million thanks to kinect. How in the world do PS3 fanboys think they can get away with painting a false picture when they think they can get away with it, when they think people have forgot or dont know any better. There were hundreds of comments in half a dozen articles about the 360 sales explosion widening the gap to 5 million.

Kungfue2656d ago

GAP widen back to 5m? where in your 360 lala land wet dream?

The gap is like 3m right now and closing you can even check the official shippments its around 3m bear in mind that shippment is different from actual sold units so yeh it could even be less than 3m.

NiKK_4192657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

actually when people vote for adding or subtracting a bubble, the mods have final say. It's just that, a vote

OT: who cares? we already know that the ps3 has some of the best games and, really, isn't that all that matters to gamers?

Anon19742657d ago

Ugh. Another article that can't be bothered to fact check. Sony didn't see Nintendo and Kinect and think "Hey, we should get in on that." Had this article actually bothered to fact check they'd know that Sony's work on Move predated Nintendo's work on the Wii.

Is it too much to ask to do some research? And then the whole premise of the article is really moot. So the PS3 has been on the market for less time, and hasn't sold, in total, as much the 360. So what? Since it's been available worldwide it's outsold the 360 head 2 head with no problem. It's easily outsold the 360 since it's been available, but because the 360 is still clinging to what's left of it's head start, we're supposed to believe that's significant somehow for Sony's overall business plan? How on earth do you figure?

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Vega752657d ago

Going from 1st to 3rd is not a good thing and the reason this article gives is just plan lame.

1)price drop- all console can do that at this point.
2) birth of wii-mote clone oh sorry move.
3) games- that the only good reason this guy has.

Going from 1st to 3rd in one gen is never a good thing ever. It didn't work out for nintendo with the gamecube being in third. So how does this make it good for Sony with the ps3? It doesn't, it's just people don't want to accepted that Sony has fell off this gen period

HeavenlySnipes2657d ago

but the Kinect isn't a Sega Activator/Eyetoy clone?

Vega752657d ago

So it's also safe to say Sony has also stole the idea of the Pseye from sega since the also had a camera for their console first. Thanks for proving Sony copies more than they innovate.

Soldierone2657d ago

@ Vega
Wait let me get this straight. now the argument is Sony "copied" Sega which makes it okay for Microsoft? I never understand these things...

And they copy more than innovate?

Innovate - to introduce something new; make CHANGES in anything established.

copy- an imitation, reproduction, or transcript of an original

pixelsword2657d ago

How is move a clone when demos and footage of move were out before the wii was announced?

TyrionL2657d ago

God I hate this argument. I don't care if there was footage from 10,000 BC, Nintendo released it first and made it successful, they took the risk, they reap the benefits, bottom line. THEY HAD IT FIRST, not matter how bad you want that ball on a stick footage to prove otherwise. Man ya'll have got to stop making yourself look so pathetic with these spin attempts. This is why people say Sony fanboys are the worst.

Silly gameAr2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Man, they should start another group. People who complain about Sony fanboys.

Someone comes out and says something off the wall, made up or unnecessary about the PS3, and the first person to comment with an opinion that seems to be positive towards Sony or disputes the first person's comment, is a foaming at the mouth Sony fanboy spinning and attacking the poor gamers that only want to trash Sony and the PS3 in peace.

You can hate the argument all you want. It's true that the Move was in development before the Wii was even heard of. Hating it won't make that fact go away.

pixelsword2657d ago

@ TyrionL:

You know what I really hate? Taking so-called knowledgeable gamers to school on basic cognitive concepts that should have been mastered in the sixth grade.

1. Since I also like the 360, and am on record saying that I like Halo 3 more than Killzone 2 (although I liked Killzone 3 the most out of any game out of either series) you're pretty sad calling me a Sony fanboy; as any fanboy would not concede another console's exclusive game or peripheral being likeable or putting a competitive console in a positive light, like you just did.

2. If they had no footage that pre-dates the move demo; they didn't "have if first". That's what having it first means: to be in possession of the concept or technology before anyone else... just like the sixaxis concept being on the PS1 that was developed by Pelican.

3. I think Sony fanboys are the best compared to the other fanboys. A high-profile Anonymous hacker stated that the majority of the pro-SonyOps hackers wouldn't to anything to help in any other project that helped people like hacking the internet for Egypt, but were enthused by (and probably egged on) the concept of capable hackers ruining a free service; and once the finer minds of Anon saw the big picture, some of them opposed the project, and once established, others turned in names.

Sony fanboys aren't on record for hacking other consoles.

Sony fanboys may be in their fair share of threads complaining about articles, but fanboys of other consoles vent in article creation.

*Just like that editor venting (if I'm not mistaken) on gamingbolt in their threads.

* Or releasing information about something and then trashing Sony after you released information that you were asked to and warned not to do like kotaku did.

* Or giving PS3 games a lower than average score for games like Eurogamer does.

* Or Giving FFXIII for the 360 the same score even though the graphics on the game were clearly inferior than the PS3 version, although every multiplatform game before and after FFXIII in the opposite situation was rated higher; and in some cases, the 360 version was rated higher than the PS3 game.

* Or make articles about the PS3 on exclusive Nintendo or 360 websites which happen a lot of times, mainly because they have nothing to write about perhaps?

YES, PS3 fans are sure pathetic, aren't they?

TyrionL2656d ago

Hey Pixy you know what I hate even more? It's when fanboys get mad after you call them out, and they're wrong, then come up with 1,000 things that have NOTHING to do with the topic we were just discussing.
1. I really don’t care what games you like, it has nothing to do with this.
2. I also don’t care what they had going on behind closed doors, Nintendo TOOK THE F&^KING RISK!!! The brought it out and made it a success, therefore THEY GET THE CREDIT.
3. You would, because you are won, and “for the record” I didn’t say they were the worst I said “this is why people call them the worst”.
I would also like to point out how None of what you said really had any relevance to the argument, so I’m done with the dick measuring, I don’t need you to admit you’re wrong, I already know you are.

pixelsword2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Again Tyred, learn how to read and comprehend what you read before you post; every point I addressed YOU brought up, but again, your lack of understanding simplistic concepts brought you to the conclusion that I was off topic. Watch me break down your response line by line to show how you DON'T understand how a conversation works.

1. "I really don’t care what games you like, it has nothing to do with this."

It proves that I'm not a fanboy, which you brought up by stating:

"This is why people say Sony fanboys are the worst."

See how you can't follow a simple conversation?


2. "I also don’t care what they had going on behind closed doors, Nintendo TOOK THE F&^KING RISK!!! The brought it out and made it a success, therefore THEY GET THE CREDIT."

Again, how is it closed doors when the footage was released for public consumption before the wii was announced, PLUS was brought out during the same conference when the wii was revealed? You don't make sense, because you see only what you want to see, which makes you delusional.

3. [You would, because you are won, and “for the record” I didn’t say they were the worst I said “this is why people call them the worst”.
I would also like to point out how None of what you said really had any relevance to the argument, so I’m done with the dick measuring, I don’t need you to admit you’re wrong, I already know you are.]

Other the the misspelled word "won", which was probably a Freudian slip because you realize that you can't win this argument, this rest of your intentionally misplaced babbling shows how you again can't carry a simple conversation.

A. I didn't say you said anything, read it again and see for yourself (if you can, that is).

B. I believe you don't see the relevance because you can't. So read this and maybe learn how to carry a conversation and do better next time. The rest of your little rant is pointless, so I don't care to address your concession to not defending your incorrect statements.

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xxLuckyStrike2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

U guys need to stop arguing !! The fight, if that's what u wanna call it is for 2nd place. Period!! Neither is gonna catch the Wii.. Besides who cares about sales numbers anyway.. It's not like Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo are sending u weekly checks..

spacedelete2657d ago

sony deserve it really. they have been removing features and downgrading the ps3 over the year and ironically the best ps3 model was discontinued back in 07.

if they had kept all those features and dropped the price eventually would have outsold 360 and wii.

not even the biggest sony diehards can deny that they lost their huge fanbase from ps1 and ps2 with over 100 million console sales to just 50 million for ps3.

ps3 is lucky if it gets past ps1s console sales let alone ps2.

if sony had made the console affordable by not having unnecessary technology of blu ray or cell and just have a console that was at least as powerful as 360 they would be in the lead right now.

plmkoh2657d ago

If the PS3 was without those said features, why would I buy one when it is exactly the same as the Xbox.

skrug2657d ago

"sony deserve it really. they have been removing features and downgrading the ps3 over the year and ironically the best ps3 model was discontinued back in 07."

"if sony had made the console affordable by not having unnecessary technology of blu ray or cell and just have a console that was at least as powerful as 360 they would be in the lead right now."

anyone see the irony? LOL

pain777pas2657d ago

Media and gamestop employees during the early years had a great effect in NA. You have to understand that the 360 was pushed at retail and many were discouraged to purchase the PS3. It still happens today only to a lesser extent.

2v12657d ago

lol ps3 was 600$ now is 299$ and has 50 mill sales like you say . 100$ price drop is == to another 50 mill sales lol . keep playing the sales game!

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