Gameplayer Virtua Fighter 5 review: " 360 is absolute best version "

As far as fighting games go, it's unrivalled as the king of the genre. That's the good news. The better news is that this Xbox 360 version is the absolute best version of VF5 possible, making it well worth that torturous wait following the PS3 release. This is the only way to play Version C, where Sega has tweaked the wonky character balance from the previous Version B. There's nothing hugely different that will have veterans spitting their Red Bull all over the TV in surprise, but Pai and Shun-Di have been toned down while Sarah and Aoi have been beefed up, redressing the balance.

These slight changes mean people have no excuse to go online and scream "Cheap" at anyone who has the audacity to beat them. Which is the other reason this is the ultimate version – people can go online. Find human opposition without leaving the comfort of their tea-stained sofa and tube of Pringles proudly standing tall next to it, in case Sir gets hungry from all the fighting. This is what gamers want from a modern-day fighting game. Balance and online play.

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Brian52473998d ago

PS3 version has been out for a year already.

boodybandit3998d ago

My only gripe is sound = brutal (this part is right) and effective (no. more like dated)
This is one area I wish Sega would work on more than any other aspect of the game. It is using nearly the same sounds from the original VF but just slightly tweaked.

Hades13373998d ago

Its like saying the PS3 version of Oblivion is better than the 360 version. Well obviously! Theyve had nearly a year to make improvements. However, it also shows that porting games from the PS3 to the 360 rather than the other way around is the best solution for everyone.

MrBIGGLES3998d ago

how is it superior?? you can't DL extra content.

highps33998d ago

They did nothing next gen except the graphics. The game overall was pretty horrible and as Im sure they are seeing, NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY IT...

Good job pissing off the PS community. Now not only do 360's not really want it, if the devs try an make another one, whos going to buy it?

I sure as heck wont. Ill stick with Tekken for the time being until a real next gen fighter comes out.

MrBIGGLES3998d ago

I bought it and it's fun online.

KDash3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

nothing new about VF5. just the online-feature...

guess loadtimes a longer on the 360. the 360-pad is crap for beat'em ups, too. anyway good news for x-guys. it's still a great game!

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