IGN - Infamous 2: Artificial Morality

IGN - We take a look at Infamous 2's deeply flawed alignment system, and why the game's good or evil structure makes no sense.

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SpaceSquirrel2655d ago

I haven't played inFamous 2 yet but I don't mind artificial morality as long as it results in unique missions.

yog-sothot2654d ago

I agree

Actually, inFamous is not about moral choices, it's about chosing between a superhero and a supervillain story.

I'm perfectly fine with it. Other games have quite shallow moral systems and are still amazing (Mass effect, Bioshock...).

There are games with true and deep moral choices implemented within the storyline, and they also can be phenomenal (Deus Ex, Witcher, Fallout...) but these games do not judge you or give you points for being good or bad. Completely different beasts

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nickjkl2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

i like how people say the system is flawed but never give an alternative

its like there saying "its flawed but i cant think of anything better"

which is a type of criticism that shouldn't be said in the first place

i mean come on your destructive you have powers people are going to get hurt whether you want them or not just like the military they can launch a missle at an enemy and hurt 10s of innocents and yet still be seen as heroes

like people dont look at some one and say thats one neutral guy

Balflear872654d ago

Why don't IGN shut up already? they could work on useful articles, not on this crap

Sugreev20012654d ago

It's a great game with a 'simple' morality system,not a flawed one.

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