Pro-G's Monday Morning Rant

Pro-G writes: "This November promises to be right up there with the busiest and best gaming months of all time. (Full list at source). That's 34 games in total. If you wanted to buy every single one of them on day of release, then we're talking about forking out £1360/$2,837 on games in one month. Ouch."

"For me, there are at least 10 games on that list that I'm really excited about. Call of Duty 4 looks fantastic. Tom tells me Ratchet & Clank is worth buying a PS3 for. I want Gears on PC for the Brumak fight, Super Mario Galaxy speaks for itself, Assassin's Creed is about as ambitious as it gets, Crysis may well be the best looking game of all time, Guitar Hero III helps pass the idle hours with non-games playing family and friends, Kane & Lynch looks like it might be as close to a movie as we've ever seen, Mass Effect because I loved KOTOR and finally UT3 because, well, Adam 'Exnor' McCann says UT is the ultimate multiplayer experience."

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