FPS Week: Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor has been around a lot longer than some gamers may remember. With it’s first title, Medal of Honor, releasing on the play station on November 11th 1999. The franchise has had roughly fifteen games to date, with the most recent being released in October of last year with a revamp in the series and the story focusing on the war in Afghanistan.

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ShadyDevil2748d ago

The newest MOH was honestly the best in a long time. The inclusion of Frontlines was pretty awesome as well.

fooxy2747d ago

You must be smoking some good crack, imo latest MoH installment was the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen and you cant tell it wasn't even a decent game just by looking @ online numbers (x360... on daily basis there is around 2000 players, virtually zero people play free DLC (sometimes u might find 10+ or so) and nobody is playing paid DLC. on top of that Danger Close/Dice completely stopped supporting balancing game after 1st patch, I guess thats what happens when u try to marry cod and battlefield it just doesn't work

Swiggins2747d ago

I think the biggest problem MoH had was that it was hyped to death and then it only turned out average.

It was billed as being completely realistic, and yet it proved to be just as audacious as CoD with none of the truly great set-piece moments that make CoD stand out (how ever short that might be)

The other thing that really brought it down was the controversy that was brought up in it's wake, EA made the decision to call the enemy team in Multiplayer Taliban even when they knew it was gonna stir up some fuss, and then, instead of defending their position as would be the right thing to do, they turned tail and fled at the first sight of trouble. That wasn't the game's fault but it certainly didn't cast a positive light on the game either from the gaming community or society at large.

Finally the thing that really brought down MoH in my eyes is that it just didn't live up to it's own potential.

If MoH had decided to go in either the completely realistic direction or the somewhat arcadey direction, it could've been much better, but unfortunately it decided to try and lie down in the middle ground where the ultra realistic people sunned it for being arcadey and the arcadey people shunned it for being to difficult and boring.

Now if they managed to take it in another direction and stick with it, this series could once again be great, and I must say that even though the game was only average at best, it did have one or two moments that did feel awesome (I'm looking at you sniper missions, keep up the good work).

hiredhelp2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I disagree. Frontlines was nice feature but new MOH, really didnt do it. I hope next time they can really put in more effort use frostbite 2.0. Im not knocking the devs i just think at that time they putting more hands on with upcomming battlefield 3.
Lets not forget MOH came out wayyyyy before any call of duty. Witch was another good game , ON PC back in day.

johnsonbat2747d ago

Yeah cod 1 and 2 are classic.

hiredhelp2747d ago

CNXN, thankyou for recapping me.
Dangerclose did make the game thats why it didnt work cos if i remember the mp was supposed to have been split with part of DICES company witch didnt feel anything like dices work.

johnsonbat2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

MOH Frontline is by far the best. Great gameplay, awesome soundtrack and heaps of fun.

Xenial2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

MOH 2010 was honesly pretty fun for me until EA took forever taking care of the mp's problems - fucked up the mp with a crap patch. Either way, MOH 2010 is better than Homefront single player wise. I feel like these two are alike.

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