Battlefield – Welcome to vehicles, squads, and mass destruction.

The Battlefield series started with the combination the Stockholm based studio Refraction Games, Whom in 1999 Developed a First Person Shooter called “Codename Eagle”, and Sweden’s EA Digital Illusions CD (DICE) to bring you Battlefield 1942. The series is very well known for introducing 6 man squad focused game play, large scale maps, and vehicles. With nice options on if you wanted to travel by land, sea, or even by Air. Battlefield wanted to give gamers a more realistic feel with environments that were able to be destroyed.

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ShadyDevil2708d ago

Battlefield 3 looks to be an amazing game the series as a whole has done nothing but evolve.

SweatyFlorida2708d ago

You speak the truth! Can't wait for October :)

egidem2708d ago


I cannot wait for October!

gcolley2708d ago

Can't wait either, but until then i have many many more hours (and different ways) to get slaughtered in BFBC2

HoustonTexaz7132708d ago

who still plays bfbc2 i hate the fact that most rooms r empty n few people i hope they fix it in bf3

NanoSoldier2708d ago

A lot of people still play online and please tell me how DICE should fix that more players will be online? That belongs to each person alone if he wants to play online. But calm down BF3 will be played for years on all platforms.

egidem2708d ago

I play BFBC2 online (PC) and I don't think that I've ever found an empty room.

ViserysTargaryen2708d ago

The weird thing about PC games is how communities tend to get bigger over time, where as on the console they shrink. For example BC 2 community just got busy as hell with Steam's $5 sale. The servers were flooded today.

Stuff like that just doesn't happen on the console.

PRHB HYBRiiD2708d ago

that happens to me a lot on ps3 they should make lobbies and penalize for leaving a game

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2708d ago