If You Thought Demon's Souls Was Hard, Wait Until You Play Dark Souls

Demon's Souls took many people by surprise with the game's unrelenting difficulty. All of that returns in Dark Souls, but hits even harder than the last game to provide a much more challenging experience for those who love games that don't back down.

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bwazy2754d ago

I would say the game was difficult, more so tedious.

Theres a difference....

SasanovaS19872754d ago

its already been stated that it wont be as hard as demons souls...and there will be checkpoints, etc...

xPhearR3dx2754d ago

There's a difference between hard and tedious. These checkpoints don't magically happen when you hit a certain area, you have to find them and activate them yourself. I've played the game and can tell you first hand, Dark Souls is just as hard as Demon's Souls. There's just not so much backtracking, aka tedious.

The difficulty of the game is perfect, and I'm glad it's staying that way, but sometimes I got frustrated with Demon's Souls because it can get tedious at times. For example, in one level I had to walk along some path against a mountain or something (can't remember), and I hit the wrong button and rolled off the edge making me have to go through everything again.

Honestly, the checkpoints aren't as bad as people are making them out to be. Ask anyone who's got time with the game, they will tell you.

LastDance2754d ago

well dont do something stupid? tedium brough on by your self. Don't blame the game because your clumsy.

xPhearR3dx2754d ago


Yea I purposely fell of the cliff so I could replay the entire level. Having to replay sections of the game over and over again doesn't make it hard, it makes things tedious. If I reach a boss and die on the first attempt fine, I just don't want to run through killing the same easy enemies over and over again because there's sort of save or checkpoint system. Adding checkpoints isn't going to make a game easier if done right. In Dark Souls, it's done right.

RedDead2754d ago

No sasanova, it's been stated that's its harder, while poeple on this site seem to think it was the hardest thing ever, the devs understand that it was only hard until you got used to it. They're trying to keep it constantly hard this time. Checkpoints don't make it easier, they just mean you don't have to repeat so much. And it's not like there's Cod checkpoints. Ya gotta waste time/potions on finding these ones

LastDance2754d ago

Then play dante's inferno.

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FEARprototype2754d ago

the problem was the enemies placement system. i know its a trail and error game but come on. there is a limit on how tedious things cant get.

nopunctuation2754d ago

There is a certain pattern to Demon Souls that becomes apparent after a while. You need to pick off your enemies one at a time, not all at once and jusat because you beat world 1-1 does not mean youre ready for 1-2. Lastly, long range magic>>>weapons. Follow that and you will be ok.

Oh and if an online opponent jumps into your game and kills you with firestorm, cut the game off so he doesnt get any souls.

ThanatosDMC2754d ago

PvP best weapon was the +5 something dagger. I killer so many blue phantoms and host players with one or two backstage. The lag roll attack works which is basically black armor (the high +plague Res armor) plus the +5 strongest dagger with the full critical damage prefix.

lelo2play2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

I play games to have fun, be involved and pass a few good hours in front of the PC/PS3/X360.

If i start playing to be stressed out... then forget it, I'm not interested in Dark Souls. There are a lot lot of people that are masochists, they like suffering and being stressing out.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2754d ago

There's also alot of people who enjoy the challenge and skill it takes to play the game. You are obviously not one of them.

lelo2play2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

If you think Demon's Souls is challenging and takes skill... then good for you. I guess you loved it.

I thought Demon's Souls stressful and masochist.

I like being challenged and skilled in other areas that are not console games :)

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kaveti66162754d ago

What about enemy design, level design, story, art direction, music?

The niche audience that prefers excessively difficult games should care a little more about the effort developers put into the game itself. Any developer can crank up the difficulty settings in their games, or design corridor RPGs where enemies randomly pop out of the shadows and lunge at you and kill you so you have to start over from the beginning, but those kinds of games, especially Demon's Souls, were not made with any creativity in mind.

I know this is my opinion, but I tried to like Demon's Souls. I paid 49 bucks for it, not even full price. And I played it with great anticipation, and the entire time all I could observe about the game was how painfully obvious it was. I died many times still, but not from a lack of understanding. My character sprite got stuck in staircases during battles during ambushes and I would die not because of my own fault but because the game was glitch-ridden. I played through the entire world thinking that soon I would reach some area, maybe within the castle, where the creativity of the developer would be expressed in artwork or architecture, but it was to my chagrin.

Demon's Souls may be a breath of fresh air for those who have been suffering from auto-aim games and games that hold your hand and always show you where to go and what to do. But DS sacrifices a lot of the positive aspects of mainstream titles.

Those games are fun to explore and look at, such as Bioshock and Oblivion and Uncharted and to a lesser extent Mass Effect.

Dark Souls looks and sounds so much like Demon's Souls that if it were illegal to plagiarize yourself, FROM software surely would have been facing a lawsuit right now. It might have been smarter for them to incorporate some kind of "pay as you go" checkpoint system, where the player would have to spend some of his souls in order to save his progress. Otherwise, this game is going to turn off a lot of people who simply won't care enough about the game to persist further in their struggle. While many praised the rewarding feeling they experienced after defeating an enemy or clearing a world they succumbed many times to, I believe most will just give up or else find out the hard way how disappointing the game will end up being once they complete it.

slayorofgods2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

It sounds to me like you played the game for about 30 mins and gave up on it and suddenly you are an expert on this game.

Sure the developers that created demons souls didn't have a budget such as EA, but to say no creativity was put in the game is bull. The combat, good. The leveling system, very good. Enemy design, I'm guessing you haven't seen any of the bosses on this game. The overall atmosphere, also creative.

In a rpg deprived generation this game is a breath of fresh air, sure it's hard, but it is also a solid rpg.

"Dark Souls looks and sounds so much like Demon's Souls that if it were illegal to plagiarize yourself"

Do you mean like 90% of games made nowadays... Well maybe sequel's should be banned then?

kaveti66162754d ago

I played the game for 15 hours, buddy, not 30 minutes.

I beat the boss in the first world. I forgot what the world was called, but it was a castle of sorts. The boss was a giant blob and a bunch of baby blobs carrying spears.

You think the atmosphere is creative? When the hell did minimalism become a creative design choice?

"Sure the developers that created demons souls didn't have a budget such as EA"

Having a small budget is not an excuse to skimp on content and increase the difficulty for the sake of making the game longer.

"In a rpg deprived generation this game is a breath of fresh air, sure it's hard, but it is also a solid rpg."

There are plenty of RPGs to play.

"Do you mean like 90% of games made nowadays... Well maybe sequel's should be banned then?"

Sequels are improved upon.

Dark Souls is the same as Demon's Souls in the same way that Fallout New Vegas is the same as Fallout 3.

Same engine, same assets, same art design, minor improvements, 60 dollar price tag, and nearly the same exact title.

ThanatosDMC2754d ago

The game isn't meant for everyone. Niche title look it up.

kaveti66162754d ago

I used the word 'niche' at the beginning of my long comment.

Though it may be niche, I don't like that the people who loved it said things like, "If you don't like this game then you're just a pussy."

I can admit when I like something that is mediocre. It's called a guilty pleasure.

But the people who love Demon's Souls thinks it's an amazing game and that people who don't like it are COD-lovers and n00bs.

They can't admit that DS is a bare-bones RPG that's all about trying to survive.

It's exactly like Hardocre Mode in Fallout New Vegas. The game's not any funner (it's worse), but people might play it just to brag that they did.

ThanatosDMC2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

COD noobs lack patience and want instant gratification. Demon's Souls require patience and you feel accomplished after defeating a boss after trecking a dangerous level.

Fallout NV's Hardcore mode and Demon's Souls are not the same thing, and calling it bare bones RPG just further shows how much you fail at the game. I doubt you even got past the Tower Knight.

You are a COD noob. It's just a description for a certain type of gamer. It may be a little prejudice but didn't you play COD and thought of yourself as hardcore?

Louis_Guzman2754d ago

Cool story Kaveti, your taste in games sucks btw, but whatever. You didn't like Demon's Souls, fine stick to Mass Effect, but did you need to devote a wall of text to your butthurt? Hardly.

Lord_Sloth2754d ago

Demon's Souls just has a steep learning curve and punishes the HELL out of those who lose their cool and don't think.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2754d ago

Indeed, but the lesser skilled, less observant players don't want to be reminded of that, so they rage.

newleaf2754d ago

Ok, but will it be fun to play? Focus seems to be on difficulty...I want a fun game first and foremost. We still remember fun don't we?

Vortex3D2754d ago

No thanks. Not interested to spend 6 hours and still stuck at the beginning of the game. Already done that with Demon's Souls.

kza2754d ago

Thats the problem you GAVE up!!

8bit_Nes_Rambo2754d ago

Vortex, sounds like you lack the skill and patience for Demon's Souls. It's nothing to be ashamed of, there's plenty of CoD titles out there for you to enjoy. I hear regenerating health is the newest rage these days in Fps land.

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