Debunked: No Sony surprise on July 15

Unfortunately, no surprise surprise will be revealed on July 15.

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DrRichtofen2658d ago

Well now... that was surprising. What a let down.

Madusha2658d ago

It was surprising for a few hours =D Good find.

ShoryukenII2658d ago

But we should expect big things at Gamescom. Quantic Dreams and Media Molecule are both European so they might be there. I know Guild Wars 2 and Battlefield 3 will have a very large presence there. I think it'll be better than this disappointing E3 (Vita saved E3 for me).

BulletToothtony2658d ago

I wonder how many of our "special" websites were already half way writing their BS of expectations for July 15th.

I'm actually glad that is not true other wise the next two days would've been filled with

"Sony to increase battery life of dualshock via firmware?"


"Sony to buy MS and stop selling Xbox360s?"

Some websites i swear.

NewMonday2658d ago

so its an old surprise, man that's a let down

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The story is too old to be commented.