5 Fixes We Want For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

"At this point even your grand mammy is in the Uncharted 3 beta. Beta codes tucked into InFAMOUS 2, everyone having free PSN+, and tons of places giving them away should have gotten anyone who wanted into it the access to do so. The beta has been a great treat for PS3 owners for these few weeks here in July being a slump for some awesome new game releases. Not everything is sunshine and rainbows though in the Uncharted 3 beta, and here’s my 5 major complaints and suggestions for Naughty Dog."

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firemassacre2660d ago

honestly, i don't think of anything can can be fixed, im stunned of how great the beta is. good job naughty dog.

newleaf2660d ago

From the few comments i've seen from you, I'd expect you to say something to this effect

Ser2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Why so hostile? It's his opinion, let him have it.

On topic: I do agree with the full game needing dedicated servers. Also, the grenades need to take at least 1 more second before exploding. If not, get rid of the whole "throw back" system, 'cause it's useless at the moment.

EeJLP-2660d ago

You shouldn't be in the beta if you haven't found anything that needs fixing firemassacre. The gameplay is good overall, but there's plenty of bugs that need attention. You're worthless as part of this beta.

Just_The_Truth2660d ago

@EeJLP- maybe he just likes the beta and is enjoying it the way it is ever think of that? No ones getting paid to find bugs and inform ND so going as far to call someone worthless is extremely ignorant and you should apologise.

SCThor2660d ago

Is there a way to keep playing with the same people you just played? you know, like COD. Is annoying to finish a match and start over looking for new players when is easier to start a new match with the same players.

SasanovaS19872660d ago

dont you hate when noobs voice out their opinion at what needs to be changed?

there should be a rule where if u suck at a given thing, u cant speak...

is that so hard to ask for???

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sobekflakmonkey2660d ago

Yeah, I'm still buying the game, why wouldn't I? I think its a little immature that someone wouldn't buy a game just because it doesn't have dedicated servers, yeah, of course it would be better but right now it's fine, I don't struggle that much with it, come to think of it I don't struggle at all.

I also do not agree with grenade time being reduced, it's fine the way it is now, and to be honest I can probably throw a baseball further than you can throw a grenade in uncharted 3 as of right now.

My only wish is, make mp 12 players max, 6 on 6, that extra 2 people would really help the flow of the game, speed the game up a bit and get rid of lulls in the experience, and it would make it harder for people to just group up and hide in rooms.


The running system needs to b worked on.

-Alpha2660d ago

Running is fine. It's meant to be a short burst of sprint, not something you can control fluidly. U aren't supposed to turn on a dime or anything like that

Map Sprint to R3, it makes it a lot easier IMO

MidnytRain2660d ago


I can't see myself using R3 to sprint. I move with the left stick, so it seems natural to sprint with the left stick.

Sam Fisher2660d ago

hes right, because you turn by looking with camera, not turning the actual character

-Alpha2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Do you hold down L3? Or just press it?

I just click R3 and it works a lot better for me than clicking L3. Seems to help when I'm already moving with L3 and just have to push a button I'm not using

Eyeco2660d ago

i agree movement in general feels really sluggish at first which is ironic considering the fact that uncharted is known for fluid controls, also the buddy system is flawed there are times when hes clearly not in combat yet you still cant spawn by him, having to pay to change load outs is bullsh1t imo

metsgaming2660d ago

article is horrible, yes the feel of the game needs to be fixed. But other then that i think as of now its way more balanced and fun then UC2.

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DrRichtofen2660d ago

One thing that should be fixed is the Uncharted TV after I downloaded patch 1.04 its just a black screen with no sound for me. I know its not happening to everyone but it is effecting quite a few people. Theres tons on people on forums encountering this.

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gameguru2660d ago

DEDICATED SERVERS pleaseeee..!!!
Couldn't agree more on this.

Gunshot2660d ago

Exactly, that would help a lot.

-Alpha2660d ago

Dedicated servers would be great

I want:

-dedicated servers
-6 on 6 MP (buddy system and huge maps are crying for 6 on 6)
-A "Territory" playlist that features full length standalone objective modes for Turf War, Chain Reaction, etc
-An ability for the game to differentiate between cover and roll-- I hate getting into cover when I mean to roll
-In-game Music support

Thoreau2660d ago

i ve been holding my tongue alpha but you were pretty sh!tty at uc2 multi, maybe you should play the beta more. southpaw79-psn

XabiDaChosenOne2660d ago

While uncharted 3 is probably going to be one of the top multiplayer games this year, and the best beta I played so far. I 100000% agree with alpha this game would be on a
If it implemented those features.

trainsinrdr2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

Screw the mp its boring as shit, sp all the way.

Takoulya2660d ago

I strongly disagree with the grenades. If the person hates the grenades in Uncharted 3, he must not have played Uncharted 2 pre-patch. Uncharted 3's grenades are balanced, IMO. They're great tactical devices.

GameGambits2660d ago

<_< It's really tactical when you can just drop them and they instantly blow up. It makes the Triangle button chuck back mechanic completely pointless. They need to add like 1-2 seconds before detonation so you can possibly hurl them back and not instantly die everytime you melee someone first and he just throws it at his feet to kill you both.

Takoulya2660d ago

There's quite a bit of time to roll or jump away. I've never had an instance in which I knew that a grenade landed near me and I didn't have enough time to react.

MidnytRain2660d ago

It's been tested that UC2 grenades explode within precisely one second after touching a surface. I assume the grenades in UC3 are same. This isn't enough time to react. Any experienced UC2 player will tell that you needed to dodge a thrown grenade BEFORE it landed because you couldn't react fast enough if you didn't.

In the Chateau, I drop grenades down onto dudes using the turrets. Gets 'em every time because they can't react fast enough.

Takoulya2660d ago

In UC3, it takes at least 1.5 seconds for a grenade to explode. The radius for grenade blasts are also decreased quite a bit from UC2. The reason that people in turrets die from grenades a lot is because they have a very limited field of view, and the body of the turret obscures quite a bit of the screen, making the grenade symbols harder to see.

MidnytRain2660d ago

The grenade indicator flashes red and white and beeps, so they definitely know it's there. The grenade indicator is part of the HUD, so nothing can obscure it.

The cluster grenades are even more deadly. Its pieces can explode before they hit the ground. We obviously weren't meant to escape it.

unicron72660d ago

You have time to evade grenades and they are severely underpowered. They even have a medal reward for surviving two consecutive grenade blasts: "Lucky..."

As far as dedicated servers go, it would be nice, but my feathers aren't going to be ruffled if it's not included, however, being that the beta for me has had no problems with lag/slowdown since the first night it went live.

Melee is a little hit or miss sometimes and does need to be corrected. Nothing angers me more than mashing the melee button next to an enemy and nothing happening.

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acemonkey2660d ago

i think throwing grenades suck lol...but the rest i kinda agree with

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