Uncharted: SCE UK To Spend £1 Million On Promoting Drake's Fortune

SCE UK to spend £1 million on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune; Vital title to spearhead Christmas PS3 push.
Sony is preparing its fourth million-pound spend on a PlayStation 3 game this year, MCV understands.

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lynx1halo4004d ago

I knew they would come around and realize how big of a franchise this game is going to become and give it the financial backing in advertising that it deserves GOING TO BE AAA

resistance1004004d ago

'We’ve recorded all of the footage for our Uncharted ad directly from a PlayStation 3 console, which we’re very proud of'

Looks like it will be all ingame footage aswell, which is always a bonus. ^_^

Kylen084004d ago

This game is gonna be awesome, when someone sees the commercial please link it to your comment:)

DrPirate4004d ago

I second this motion. Their commercials and marketing in general have greatly improved (especially for the U.S. and NA) especially considering the big BS their "This is Living" and "White Room" ads were. That new swiss army knife ad and game montage commercial actually make the system look desirable.

Ares844004d ago

Many people don't relize but this could be to the PS3 as Crash Bandicoot was to the PS1.

DrPirate4004d ago

More importantly, in can be the first big action game people are looking forward to.

Last November, Gears of War sold alot of 360's, Sony is hoping to achieve a similar effect with advertising Uncharted and pushing the rest of their Q3-Q4 lineup. Brand Awareness is what they have to go for to successful market the PS3, and the new price doesn't hurt at all either. "Starting at 399" sound a hell of a lot better than 600 bucks.

resistance1004004d ago

Just a point, they've said they spent 1million on R&C adverts however i'm yet to see one over here in the UK, saying that, its not out here until friday so maybe we will see some then

Leg-End4004d ago

the person from sony said the ads will start on the 16 november - or something like that - i remember it being around a week after the games release date (9 nov)

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The story is too old to be commented.