Why the PS Vita could become iPod Touch's number 1 rival

AppleSpot writes: "The PlayStation Vita from Sony is coming later this year, which promises to be a very cool new handheld of Sony. But the iPod Touch is also very famous, especially under young kids, to play games on it. In this special we are going to explain why the PS Vita could compete with the iPod Touch"

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sinncross2709d ago

Articles liek this always seem to forget PS Suite (and I guess this is Sony's fault because they haveb een really slack on getting info out on this service).

The reason why PS Suite is so imporant is because Sony are using the service to become the primary gateway for game software on Android devices (and other future OS's) and all this software will be automatically playable on the PSV (hence the touchscreen's importance).

If this works out for Sony, this means that the PSV will recieve both the traditional games and smartphone games.

This is one of the reasons why Sony could position thae PSV as the handheld to own. But lets hope that Sony provides clearer info at gamescom

Close_Second2708d ago

Open the door to Android and you open the door to hacking. Either Sony will lock any such support down too far or developers will shy away with big retail games.

Sony have never done anything o/s related to make me think they'll get it right.

fatalred alarm2709d ago

The ipod touch sold so good because it was both very usefull and very good looking for a atractive price. Gaming on one is just an afterthought. You would be better off comparing it to an iphone, more games are being played on that.

DiRtY2709d ago

The PS Vita won't do anything against the iPod. Especially not with the focus on core gaming experiences.

StbI9902709d ago

So n4g? where is the damn plus button?...

Close_Second2708d ago

Yeah, i'll bet people who go to the gym will start strapping the Vita to their arms.

I would go with Ipod touch for portability, music, casual gaming and video playback. However, if Vita gets native avi, mkv and divx support then that would be great. However, I still hate Sony's decision to skimp on internal storage.

I also doubt th Vita will be a game changer like Apple's devices have been. No matter where you go you nearly always see native ipod support.

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