Rumor: Sony to reveal a "Surprise" on July 15th

GameTrailers TV is known for having interesting exclusives especially when it comes to the eyes of Sony.

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jony_dols2661d ago

First gameplay footage from Call of Duty PS Vita maybe?

Or hopefully we'll get an announcement about Sony Cambridge's new PS3 title (Medievil 3?)........

firemassacre2661d ago

probably psn features, if a new game though, i would be stoked, but sony is breaking my wallent too damn much save it for next year haha.

NewMonday2661d ago

my problem is time, my backlog is big

Yi-Long2661d ago

... with all the DLC included on the disc...

... but I doubt they'd make a big announcement for that.

I'm gonna go for the obvious here and drop GTA5 :P

b163o12661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

PS4? They'll probably wait E3 for that one. But you never know

tplarkin72661d ago

The news will be a let down. Sony would not make a big announcement through Geoff Keighly.

jonboi242661d ago


doesn't a game have to win GOTY to get a GOTY edition.

Silly gameAr2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )


If a game gets GOTY from at least one publication, then it can have a GOTY edition, kind of like Borderlands has a GOTY edition.

morganfell2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I think this is an announcement about a game with which we are already familiar. And it's a game coming this year. Otherwise they could save such material for Gamescom or TGS.

But this announcement being made now means the game will either be out or on short final by the time those two trader shows hit. My two bits are on Sony having something exclusive to announce relating to a known multiplat title.

The other possibilities would a Vita title, likely BF3 or MW3, or radical new features for PSN.

SilentNegotiator2661d ago

It better be an announcement that PSN DRM was a prank.

How about a Vita release date? That would be awesome.

winlonghorn2661d ago

I am hoping for the Vita release date!

Electroshocked2660d ago

How about Agent? I doubt it, but I'm guessing that it's something to do with Uncharted 3. I'm loving the beta!

bozebo2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

GTA5 would seem like a good bet as to what it could be. It is exactly the kind of game release that would be announced in a big way like this, with built up anticipation.

I have been expecting it's anouncement soon ('A little bird' told me it would be going gold at the end of this year or Q1 next year... Also confirming it's San Andreas location - I guess I can say that on here because nobody will trust me as a source anyway :P), but it would surprise me a bit for it to come from Sony. But that is a good thing, it means they might use all that tasty Blu-ray space for loads of content - unlike GTA4 (which was still a brilliant game). However, it really has to be out on 360 and Wii U too - Take2 want their profits. So only time will tell...

OK nvm, apparently this rumour is of nothing...
"(Update) It has now come to light, however, that the reported Sony surprise is nothing but a repeat of an older show. The July 15th episode is actually a repeat of a May 13th show that revealed Starhawk. (Update)"

MeanOldman2660d ago

yeah is a rerun show. is also proof that nobody not microsoft an not ninty can stir up anticipation like sony.

TheOtherTheoG2660d ago

captain-obvious: 116 disagrees? Not bad, not bad at all. I am impressed, son.

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NewMonday2661d ago

their was rumor about Heavenly Sword 2 being developed by a British studio

MrSpace2661d ago

...Heavenly Sword 2

Please let it be this...

I hope Nariko will be in this :)

NewMonday2661d ago

same rumor mentioned its going to be an open world sandbox action game

CryofSilence2661d ago



How can she be in a sequel? :-/ I could see her being in a prequel, but I would expect Kai to be the protagonist of a sequel.

firelogic2661d ago

HS by Sony Santa Monica would be cool. But I'd rather they move onto a completely new IP.

MrSpace2661d ago


Considering NT were going to have her in HS2 and make it so she had to escape hell, I'm pretty sure they can bring her back

You would really want to play Kai in the sequel ¬¬

Fair enough small sections she was in but overall she came off annoying. Nariko could be the face of the HS franchise, dead or not.

CryofSilence2661d ago


I would agree, but Nariko entrusted Kai with the sword. So, Kai wouldn't only play "twing-twang"; I'm fairly certain she'd have learned how to use the sword at least a little. I found Kai's character to be quite amusing and unique, but that's just me.

Observe (3:25):

MrSpace2661d ago

Yeah she entrusted Kai to hide the sword, not be the next person to weild it.

and no...she's still annoying. If I have to play her in HS2 it would just kill it for me, nothing worst then playing a game when you hate a character.

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sinncross2661d ago

I don't know about Cambridge... I am thinking either Adrift (action RPG from Dontnod) or Quantic Dream's new IP.

i say one of these 2 because Dontnod was at E3, David Cage wanted his new IP shown at E3 and lastly the next gaming covnention is in Europe. So an EU dev about a month before Gamescom would be like Starcraft's reveal.

So I think Sony Cambridge's title will be kept for GC, but I do think it will be an EU title even if I am wrong and maybe you are right.

As for COD Vita? That could be cool: I could live with BF3 Vita as well :)

DrRichtofen2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

I would LOVE to see what Quantic Dream has in store for us!!

NewMonday2661d ago

Sony dose reveal big news and exclusives at Gamescom

jdfoster002661d ago

What about Eight Days? I thought Cambridge started development of that? o.o

Thatguy-3102661d ago

The redesign of psn? And maybe a revamp XMB?

Super Taru2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

highly unlikely about the revamp of XMB, cause PS3 is designed around XMB functionality at its current state and not any other form or renovation of it. at least, I wouldn't bet on it...

RevXM2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

That would be heaven if done properly.
(faster, richer, more customizable and streamlined, plus new features like background downloads, trophy auto sync, more folder options and so on)

I also wish for a new browser and MKV support.
I got loads of anime in MKV: Deathnote, Code Geass, Rainbow etc... So Imo that would be great. It makes sense that they will change and add something before Vita launches so I have my fingers crossed. :D

But a game or something would be good too.

CrimsonSquall2661d ago

I dont even buy COD games (play em at ppls houses) BUT not gunna lie I would buy a COD Vita game. But if there was a Battlefield Vita on the other hand...

RevXM2661d ago

Not that VITA wont have good fps's (the Killzone and Resistance franchises will make it to vita)

BF would be day 1 easily.

SoulMisaki2661d ago

The Last Guardian release date.


I wish...

jony_dols2660d ago

I'd say Team Ico & Sony will leave that announcement until TGS (Tokyo Game Show)in September.

It's pretty much the E3 for Japanese devs.

SuperBeast8112661d ago

NO medievil 3 I WANT Primal 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ASTAROTH2661d ago

OMFKN GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fellow PRIMAL fan... I almost cry when I saw your comment bro. What an underrated and underapreciated game Primal was. Still with the best graphics on PS2 and NOBODY even mention it. Even Ghost Hunter another Cambridge game didnt get mention when it expands in the Primal engine they created.

You cant consider yourself a gamer if you havent played PRIMAL... a really cult classic.

I even was playin it today again in my old PS2... wow!!!

Bring PRIMAL back SONY!!!!!!!!! At least an HD remake like the UbiSoft remake of Beyond good and Evil... Nice one Super Beast!!

SlyFoxC2660d ago

OMFG!! PRIMAL 2! and to the other guy that commented o this comment! there are three of us!!! i love that game!!!!!!!!!!still have it!!

Natsu892660d ago

i just bought it to see what you guys are talking about ;)

PostApocalyptic2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

There were three PS2 games that I always considered underrated gems...

1) The Mark of Kri
2) Legacy of Kain: Defiance
3) ...and Primal

These were games that had their hardcore fans, but the games weren't blockbusters. If you played these games you'll know what I'm talking about.

I list them in that order because the controls, fighting and combat was superb in Mark of Kri (and the story wasn't half-bad either). My trusty bird pet was awesome! And combat was fun as hell! Plus, you could sneak around if you wanted to play more stealthy. It was a near perfect game, IMO.

The Combat and game-play in Legacy of Kain was good, although not as good as Mark of Kri. But the best part was sneaking around unlocking all the secret passages in order to find out more about the characters. Kain and Raziel's combat skills were different and fun to play! This games atmosphere was truly diabolical. Vampires, old mansions, epic cathedrals, and the netherworld!

For Primal, it had the worst combat system of the three, but the story was well done and world(s) was immense! I did look forward to getting new powers (four in total), and you needed to learn how to best use them given the circumstances. But the mechanics were kind of frustrating on some monsters. I did manage to get good at the fire claw skill (can't remember the name), though. But the key was the characters! I just loved the main characters Scree and Jen! Him being the serious historian gargoyle and her the rocker-chic with a whimsical humor. The two of them going on quests to save the world was hilarious! Like oil and water! :D

So, all three of these games were awesome! And whether it was Rau, Jen, Scree, Kain or Raziel. The story made me care about each of the characters! And that's what matters in any form of story telling.

ASTAROTH2659d ago

Post Apocaliptic... I agree to a 66% with you. The only thing I would change and thats just my prefference is Defiance. I would change it for Ghost Hunter. GH was an amazing and innovative game. Creepy, Humorous and a long experience with challenging gameplay and a long story.

As I said thats just me but... Defiance is one hell of a game. I still have it along side Soul Reaver 2. I dont know why they let the franchise died... It was very cool. Defiance also has amazing graphics for its time. Ohh and Mark of Kri is one of my faves. . . I also have Rise of the Kasai. A very good sequel IMO. Ohhh those PS2 days were amazing!!!

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showtimefolks2660d ago

but gttv has let me down many times before so i am expecting very little about a new game maybe some more info on a game coming later this year

wsoutlaw872660d ago

im thinking maybe something with the psn, agent would be awesome too but thats not really a surprise, or ps4 stuff but i kind of think it would be stupid not to wait for a big show

Madusha2660d ago

If you peeps haven't heard yet, unfortunately, this is just a repeat of an old episode:

theonlylolking2660d ago

I am hoping that they will say the PSN pass was a joke.

subtenko2660d ago

AGENT, pleaseeeee frikkn show the thnig off already!

-_- they probably wont show it yet, who knows if R* worked on agent first or its working on it after GTA5, or doing both at the same time.

But a surprise is anything guys, could be playstation+ cake at friendlys for a limited time. Thats a surprise (no one knew)

Could be...*GASP*...FINALLY LBP2 McDonalds plushies! (that actually look good!) DO itttttt!

damnyouretall2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

agent maybe? if its as great as we hope, it would give the ps3 even more momentum going into next year. would love to see that. this year has been awesome and getting better as we go. anyways just wishful thinking

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Nate-Dog2661d ago

To be honest I doubt it's anything big. Everyone these days hypes up their own announcements with announcements even when it's nothing major and if Sony haven't even announced that they're making an announcement about something new I doubt it's going to be much. One can hope, but I just won't expect it myself.

remanutd552661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

very well said , one can hope indeed but i dont think is something big , i hope im wrong though

edit: i will be extremely surprised if it end up being an unannounced ps3 exclusive game , i think its more possible sony announced some third party games coming to playstation vita or even playstation vita released date and full launch details

Super Taru2661d ago

precisely. they frequently name "huge announcements" mediocre products or events that don't really matter. i guess, the news industry around gaming has lost its prestige. i remember huge announcement like the ones of GTA IV/FFXIII going multi-platform. or even console announcements for that matter. so, yeah, my expectations are low...

remanutd552661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

i hope you know that it was a gametrailers user that found out about this surprise , its not GTTV hyping anything , at least not yet and its only a surprise not a " huge announcement" like you made it sound to be , relax its just a surprise

spektical2661d ago (Edited 2661d ago )

psn plus was a joke!

... one can only hope

oops sorry haha, psn pass.. lol sorry sorry relax

Oxymoron0282661d ago

your post was a joke!

... one can only hope

wenaldy2661d ago

that was so random... troll harder..

PirateThom2661d ago

I'm guessing you mean PSN Pass.... PS+ has given me a lot of good content over the past few months.

spektical2661d ago

i did lol, idk why i typed plus haha

newleaf2661d ago

your subconscious compelled you

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Craftiii42661d ago

New mag? Please?.... I can dream