New Video Of iCEnhancer 1.2.5 Beta - Includes Explosions

Remember that mod that made GTA IV look amazing? well it seems that a new video has been released.

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wwm0nkey2658d ago

This mod is a god tier when it comes to graphics. Rock* really needs to hire these guys.

theEx1Le2658d ago

This mod would melt my poor old 8800gtx :(

kookie2658d ago

8800gts and 8800gtx was my favorite cards once

NarooN2658d ago

Man I remember when the 8800GT and it's derivatives were the all-known beasts of GPUs... I'm still rocking my 8600GT lol, this mod would annihilate my PC.

theEx1Le2658d ago

Yeah thats when i got mine :). Still runs most games decent enough and I'm waiting till the end of the year to upgrade.

kookie2658d ago

Nice specially from 2 minutes mark

HellzAssassin2658d ago

So many taxi's at the end... :O

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The story is too old to be commented.