Mods show bright future for next GTA game in series

Yes folks you guessed it! Its one of my long-winded GTA posts! Don’t worry I’ll try to keep this one as short as possible, but I really have came across some Grand Theft Gems here (see what I did there)! This is a bit off topic, and this is supposed to be a strictly PlayStation only site but I couldn’t help but want to share my discoveries with you. What have I found you ask? Well it’s a few Grand Theft Auto 4 mods for the PC but these are not just your average “lets add in a few real life cars and make people go wow” mods, these are full on conversions that could well give us some insight into what the next game in the GTA series may well look like if built from the PS3 (such as LA Noire)

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CrimsonEngage2747d ago

lol @ that guy thinking the next GTA will look that good on PS3. AAAAHAHAHHAHAHAA Oh shit that was a good laugh.

AMG9992222746d ago

Hes saying if this is what you can achieve with mods, the next GTA has the potential to look good on all consoles.

AHAHAHhhahahhhaha :/

CrimsonEngage2746d ago

I'm sorry man but it won't look NEAR that good. You must have missed the part where he said the mod was running on a "Very high end PC".

qwertyz2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

exactly. ignorance is destruction. PC FTW even a 2006 pc would destroy ps3 lol

Christopher2746d ago

And would have cost a lot more than the $600 it cost to buy a PS3...

People buy consoles for their simplicity and longevity, not because they rival what a PC can do.

Josh_J_Ward2746d ago

I wasn't trying to say that the game would look this good, my article simply stated that rockstar was aware of what people have done with their game. These graphics are running past 1080p so they are not possible on a PS3, but close graphics would be possible if it wasn't for the Xbox needing a port of the game as well.

outwar60102746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

how do install mods for games? it seems like every pc game i own(i've been buying from steam and live game) it needs to sign into somewhere and i cant bring up cheat console like i remember being able to do ie like fallout 3

tablav2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

In many cases, the steam versions use manipulated code that prevents mod applications. One example in which this is really evident is San Andreas where there were 3 versions of the game released and only version 1.0 could be fully modded. Most mods available on the net will come with install instructions. If they do not contain installers/self extracting archives, it'll usually be a case of replacing files manually in Windows Explorer, but really it depends on the mod.

outwar60102746d ago

thx for the help tablav so is it generally better to buy the disc version?

chak_2746d ago

That's bollocks.

Actually only a few steam game have problem with mods, and in every case it's old games.

tablav2746d ago


Well, I'm speaking from my own experience here. Rather than put my comment down, why not make a constructive one yourself?

limewax2746d ago

Personally I would say if mods are vital to your purchase of a game, check to see if the steam version can be modded first. I have found most games can be modded, and often the ones that cant only have the problem with script editing/extending mods. If the game you are after cannot be modded, buy the original disc version, Often GOTY packs etc. are pre-patched beyond v1.00

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