Ken Levine wants developers in the media spotlight

Nightmare Mode reports on Ken Levine's desire for a mainstream presence, but more importantly, delves into why they think it's much harder for gaming to do so in the first place.

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DarkSymbiote2655d ago

I'm not a big fan of Levine, but I do agree. Devs need more spotlight. And thank you Jimmy Fallon!

I do wonder why the writer mentions Gabe and Cliff so much. They aren't really the industries biggest just the most well known.

SupremeBeans2651d ago

Hey DarkSymbiote - I mentioned them because they're some of the more public faces with whom brands and developers are strongly associated. Gabe Newell's got a number of memes associated with him, he's appeared at a number of conferences, given talks to various classes, and he's considered an industry leader and innovator in terms of both Steam and Valve games. As with Cliffy B, despite never playing one of his games, I see his name thrown around a lot and he seems to have a small cult of personality about him.

Also, after writing this, I realised that Will Wright was on the Colbert Report years ago. That's one element where film and video games share authorship - you've got Steven Spielberg's name attached to his films, and similarly you've got Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, American McGee's Alice and so on. Having said that, attaching a single name to a product's title and marketing material is often more an exercise in egotism than authorship.