WWE Brawl Trailer Released

The 3rd pillar in THQ's wrestling branding is revealed in this trailer of WWE Brawl.

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zeal0us2656d ago

supernatural/superpower elements to a wrestling game ....
THQ wtf are you guys thinking. How many ppl did it take to come up with this idea?

Pass, my 9 year old cousin will most definitely buy it then probably trash it and go back to regular wwe games.

Trunkz Jr2656d ago

I would expect something stupid like this 10yrs ago, but what the hell were they thinking about a game like this in these times? Why not put the resources into their WWE12 game...

StanSmith2656d ago

If this sells more than 100 units then i will quit gaming! What a complete waste of time and resources. THQ say they have financial issues, don't they think by releasing crap like this could be the reason why?

DeadlyFire2656d ago

Funny like 1-2 years ago THQ was in bad shape. Now they are creating 3-4 franchises for WWE when one of them is all that was needed. If it doesn't sell and it sucks and you need another IP to make any money off of the license you are clearly not seeing the picture.

mrmikew20182656d ago

They should cancel this game

Rampaged Death2656d ago

It's time to reboot the whole franchise. Get the staff out and just start again.

Valk2656d ago

LOL... This is a new franchise. You cant reboot something you havent even had one game for yet.

They are pretty much doing exactly what you asked for

Valk2656d ago

Seems some moron is under the impression this is the same Smack down VS Raw we have had for years....
Too Funny.

Goldenarmz2656d ago

this looks more like an Arcade/PSN title than a 60 dollar retail game.

GameTavern2656d ago

Actually, if it is an arcade/PSN title, I'll be more accepting of it.

But looks like built on the WWE All-Stars engine which was a retail title.

And since the trailer said Xbox 360/PS3/Wii assume it is retail.

BLAKHOODe2656d ago

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the F was that?!

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The story is too old to be commented.