Five games we want to see on the Wii U

NE: "When Nintendo’s newest console, the Wii U, was unveiled at this year’s E3, there was no denying that the console was full of new ideas. But actual games? Not so much. Sure, there were a few titles announced by third-party developers, but it’s tough to get excited over ports of games that are already coming to other consoles or anything titled “Killer Freaks From Outer Space.” All the more reason to write a whole article doing nothing but speculate on all the series and genres we’d most like to see represented on the Wii U. If Nintendo aren’t going to announce anything, why not just make stuff up?"

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jaredhart2655d ago

The Wii U better not be a disapointment or Im done with Nintendo.

Samus HD2655d ago

there is no such thing as "nintendo being a disappointment"

a_squirrel2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Super Smash Bros. I only hate Nintendo because that game was my favourite, and all they do (in my opinion) is make it worse.

But the insult is that they never put that game on the DS. They put Mario 64, Mario Kart, MARIO-FLIPPING ANYTHING BUT THAT GAME.

Okay. I'm done my rant.

zerocrossing2655d ago

Yeah I agree brawl wasn't as fun as melee imo hard to put my finger on why though.. But the introduction of Snake, Sonic amdthe other chars helped

rexbolt2655d ago

brawl as better then meelee alot better? better stages more char more weapons more to unlock i dono wut ur tlken about

zerocrossing2655d ago

5 games that will be on the Wii U

1. Zelda

2. Mario

3. Metroid

4. Poke'mon

5. Super smash bro's

Not that im complaining :)

Shackdaddy8362655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

and donkey kong
and pikmin...probably

The fact that pikmin 3 was announced for the wiiu has me super excited. I really missed that game during the wii gen :(

zerocrossing2655d ago

The Wii disappointed a lot of us this gen :( I hope the Wii U does make up for it.

ChickeyCantor2655d ago

"and pikmin...probably "
Already confirmed.

Valk2655d ago

Yeah Wii dissapointed a lot of fanboys for Sony and MS. As for dissapointing Wii owners well, I seriously doubt that. Maybe a lot of people claiming to be Wii fans but those were just PS fanboys pretending.

zerocrossing2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

The Wii disappointed because it wasn't originally advertised as a casual gamers console, that came later. Im a Nintendo fan not a Wii fan, The Wii promised a gaming "revolution" and it delivered, But not what the fans wanted. after the 1st year all we got was casual games, shovelwere and the odd decent 1st party game, I was disappointed in the fact the core market was dropped in favour of the casual market purely because it was seen as more profitable and the lack of 3rd party support made it worse.

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Mac is OK2655d ago

If they decide to make a new Elite Beat Agents, I'll buy whatever platform it's on.

pcz2655d ago

no pun intended :l actually drawing on the wiiu controller is perfect.

how about shenmue collection wiiu or shenmue 3 wiiu? and use the augmented reality to examine things you pick up in your hands with the controller screen?

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