FPS Week: Halo

When gamers think of the quintessential multiplayer shooter, Call of Duty is generally top of the list. Modern Warfare, specifically, is credited with revolutionizing online multiplayer as we know it. Before Activision’s blockbuster took its throne, however, there was another king.

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rexbolt2747d ago

? fps week? i though everyday as fps day weird

Rob9462747d ago

On our site we had a week about FPS games, if you read the site you would see that it started July 4th and ended today, each day we had a new article on a different topic to do with FPS games.

zerocrossing2747d ago

I thought FPS review had been running about a year now.
Hell I wasn't even sure if they acknowledge other genres anymore.

rexbolt2747d ago

LOL thats why i made that comment

slampunk2747d ago

Still the most balanced FPS multiplayer around.... Bring on H4 (on the xbox 720) or whatever it's called...

ShadyDevil2747d ago

Pretty great read. The series has been somewhat of a downward slope since the first though...with a spike at Halo 3.