Nintendo 3DS: Living In the Past?

Nobody can deny that the 3DS launch software line up was lacklustre. Prior to the launch of the new 3D handheld, Nintendo showcased heavy hitting franchises at E3 such as Metal Gear Solid, Legend of Zelda and even the return of Kid Icarus. But is Nintendo creating a long term success by living off its past?

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meganick2747d ago

There were portable gaming machines that delivered glasses-free, 3D displays in the past?

Xof2747d ago

If you're going to post without reading the article, at least read the little intro blurb.

It's obviously questioning whether or not the 3DS can succeed when most of its big titles are remakes, ports or sequels to really, really old series.

Clearly, the guy hasn't paid any attention to Nintendo at all over the past two decades or so.

meganick2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I read the article before posting. He thinks Nintendo is living in the past just because they're releasing two previously-released games on 3DS, ignoring all the new games that have been released and will be released in the future.

StbI9902747d ago

Not only u sucks, u fail at sucking too man... nintendo fail

meganick2747d ago

Nice grammar and spelling.