Forbes: Red Bull Treats Pro Gamers Like Dave “Walshy” Walsh Like Real Athletes

When it comes marketing, Red Bull invests a ton of money into sports. The international energy drink maker owns a NASCAR team, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team and sponsors a slew of extreme sports and other professional athletes around the globe. But over the past few years, Red Bull has also become active in the growing world of pro gaming. It’s a good fit, especially since many gamers, whether casual or professional, drink Red Bull to stay awake for late-night gaming sessions.

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jaredhart2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

as they should.
@Urrakia34 Professional gamers train like atletes and are very rarely out of shape. They definitely deserve respect.

Urrakia342656d ago

As they should? Gamers are not athletes dude. I think the title should say "like real Professionals." It's much more fitting than "athletes."

wiggles2656d ago

Yeah, these guys are in no ways athletes. They are hardly doing anything that requires physical attributes other then having fast fingers and reaction time. Professionals yes, athletes no way in hell. That is a real disrespect to other professional athletes.

FlashXIII2656d ago

Bestman *cough cough*

Seriously though, there are tons of fat professional gamers out there. While I have an enormous amount of respect for pro gamers, I don't think it's far to claim they train like athletes. Some might do but for a lot of professional athletes comes blood sweat and tears something which will never ever be recreated from playing a video game.

ScubaSteve12656d ago

how about you get a REAL JOB, if they are treating you like crap

StarWolf2656d ago

late-night game sessions arent even healthy and professional. get get your sleep and wake up in the morning to play again instead of sleeping during the afternoon and waking up at 3pm to play again.

FlashXIII2656d ago

Correction: Late-night game sessions aren't healthy and professional if you don't get enough sleep. Playing until late at night is perfectly fine providing you get enough sleep for your body to recover. It probably isn't optimal but your body can easily adapt to such a thing.

earbus2655d ago

Watch out for red bull team rules cough cough Webber maintain the gap to vettle,pepsi for the win lol.