Top 10 Games Of 2011 So Far

GB: "Half of 2011 is done with and so far we had an amazing year for video games. There have been a ton of games released with mind blowing experiences. It's safe to say that 2011 is shaping up to the best year for video games ever.

One question that definitely arises is: 'What are the top games of 2011 so far?' Its a tough one to answer but worry not, we have got you covered. Today we present to you a feature where we have listed the top 10 games of 2011 so far, without which your life is incomplete."

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potedude2659d ago

And more time, only played a third of those games...

TurismoGTR2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

My top games are...

2: Killzone 3
1: Mortal Kombat

I don't kno about you guys but games are expensive so Im on a budget lol. I haven't played Portal or most of GB Top 10.. so I can't say anything bout it.

SasanovaS19872659d ago

throw out section 8 and put in infamous 2. that is all

KING_KAI2659d ago

mass effect 2 dlc beats most games on that list

ABizzel12659d ago

I can't believe I forgot to buy LBP2. I'm heading to the store today.

joydestroy2658d ago

i really really enjoy MK. i've never been an MK fan, and was really disappointed when the DC one came out. then they announced this and my hopes for a next gen MK were back up.
excellent job.

Dead Space 2 is also great. give that a go if you haven't.

Witcher 2 is also amazing.

and although i enjoyed KZ2 more than KZ3 (story and MP), i've played the KZ3 MP a lot more.

zeeshan2658d ago

I agree! MK9 and KILLZONE 3 are the best for me too. I recently picked up Killzone 3 as I was out of country what it ws launched. I am LOVING the Multiplayer! I think the Single Player campaign is very..hmmm.. boring and well, I could be wrong but I have not played all of it BUT, my oh my, the multiplayer is AWESOME!!!! And the brutal melee is amazing! I loved the Engineer + Medic combo in KZ2 but I am loving the Infiltrator this time thanks to the amazing Melee system.

EVILDEAD3602658d ago

It's been a great year so far but as for gaming experiences Dead Space 2 and LA. Noire both top my list..

The rest that rise to the top are..

Child of Eden
Portal 2
Crysis 2
Killzone 3

But I have played so many other games this I have been saying September through December is going to be ridiculous for even guys like me (who buy almost all the big titles) to keep up.


antz11042658d ago

Good list but I would have wanted to see Trenched in there somewhere.

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thugbob2659d ago

Why is KZ3 on the list? It's trash. It should be replaced with InFamous 2.

Black-Helghast2659d ago

Killzone 3 wasn't that bad..But I'm with you, InFamous 2 should've been a number 3 atleast.

DrRichtofen2659d ago

What is soo trashy about KZ3?

BakedGoods2659d ago

KZ3 is most definitely one of the best games I've played this year. If you liked KZ2, you'd be lying to yourself if you didn't enjoy KZ3.

trenso12659d ago

@bakedgoods i played kz2 and kz3. and imo kz2 was way better killzone 3 felt dumbed down so it could be made more mainstream for a certain group of players. you know im talking about. kz2 was more challenging kz3 was like fish is a barrel remind you of any other game?

bloodybutcher2658d ago

while i agree that kz3 is not as good as it´s predecessor,i would not say it is a bad game.i didn´t like some changes in the mp,but i still enjoy playing it.operations is a great mode,would love more maps of course.warzone though just doesn´t do it for me as it did in kz2.

thugbob2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

KZ3 is trash compared to KZ2. KZ3 was turned into CoD. CoD is trash.

If CoD = Trash


CoD = KZ3


KZ3 = Trash.

Killzone 2 still remains the best exclusive shooter on the PS3 and Killzone 3 should be replaced with InFamous 2 on that list lol.

nopunctuation2658d ago

Killzone 3 flew under the radar for me. The second has so much hype going for it but the thrid seemed like more of the same. I played the beta and it just didnt feel like the same thing I played before. I guess the whole space marines thing is losing its charm.

Ultraplayerxp2658d ago


Fish in a barrel huh?

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Im sorry but killzone 3 should b off the list...Im a huge killzone fan but i gotta admit kz3 sucked compared to kz2.

T-K47x2658d ago

Im sorry I've had my PS3 since it was released and I've played practically all the exclusives out there so I'm not a fanboy etc but KZ3 was poor, the campaign was extremely short and ended terribly with the last level being a boring on the rails sequence. The MP was ok but it still felt very stiff and pretty average for a class based shooter. Portal 2 was the best for me so far as I had ME2 last year. Yet to play Infamous 2 but that will be good. U3, Skyrim and BF3 will be my favourites for 2011. R3 also looks good.

Getowned2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Really I don't feel as if Sony has a flag ship shooter as much as they wanted KZ to be the must have shooter i mean you go on the 360 and you got Halo and Gears huge big flagship shooters but Sony dose'nt have that yet,and the only game that would even come close imo is Uncharted,KZ3 felt poor to me as well even the Resistance game's haven't done it for me but i think Starhawk has a good chance if it can make a big enough splash and i hope it dose it looks very fun.resistance and killzone are enjoyable games but nothin i would go out of my way to play.on Ps3 battlefield is the way to go and imo best shooter around,i really hope that rumor is true about that new shooter sony is working on.

chase1672658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

this should be off the list
The Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3DS i played this about 10 years ago

Section 8: Prejudice this should be on the trash list

kma2k2658d ago

Am i the only one who truly hated killzone 2 but loved Killzone 3?

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Gray-Fox-Type02658d ago

Ok everyone gets the picture Killzone 3 utter garbage, everyone accepts and agrees lets move on.

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firemassacre2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

have to go with killzone 3, portal, la noir, and crysis 2, and inFAMOUS 2

NukaCola2659d ago

Portal 2
Mass Effect 2 PS3 Version
LittleBigPlanet 2
Killzone 3
Crysis 2

These titles have really shined to me this year.

firemassacre2659d ago

forgot Littlebigplanet 2 that game was literally something else, if i could i would add it to my list of the best of 2011.

gameseveryday2659d ago

Thats the number ONE game on this list.

SandRazor2658d ago

It's weird that most people leave out Crysis 2 in their top games for 2011. Sure it was more linear and less graphically impressive than the first one but is was still a lot of fun.

RedDead2659d ago

Like the new layout GB, 3 pages is grand.

Good list too, although I was horribly disappointed with K3, after K2 anyway.

stu8882659d ago

i thought killzone 2 was brill and killzone 3 was average... i was hoping for a uncharted 1 to 2 leap in quality, but instead it felt like killzone 2.5.

RagTagBnd4452659d ago

What KZ3 lacked most was the atmosphere IMO. KZ3 did never capture that dark gritty war feeling that KZ2 got.

Eyeco2659d ago

Killone 3 was disappointing , especially the ending the last level was a complete joke it was basically an on rail shooter.. Pathetic, Killzone3 my score 6.2/10

SandRazor2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Am I the only one the absolutely loves Killzone 3? I hadn't touched any other game every since I got it. The atmosphere sure feels different than Killzone 2 but I love the vibrant colors and more fast-paced action. Plus it has the most addicting multiplayer in any game I played. I seriously don't get the hate about KZ3 at all.

bloodybutcher2658d ago

well,perhaps people are sometimes quite extreme in voicing their opinion,but overall it is just about disappointment with a game that,instead of improving the formula from kz2,somehow feels lacking in many areas.for me campaign,even though more varied with environment,is lacking-as others said already-certain grittiness.main characters are still forgetable,rico still annoying,main villains don´t reach Visari´s or Radec´s epicness.multiplayer is unbalanced,maps seem also be less interesting then in kz2.and what the hell with the cod-like point system?with every action you get points shoved in your face,like it is the most important thing that you just cannot miss.can´t people play without instant gratification anymore?is it not enough to kill an enemy or complete objective?

kikizoo2658d ago

You are not alone sandrazor, scores are really good for the most (and serious) part, don't forget that most of the crying babys here are people who can't even play the game (aka xfanboys).

even with some missing features (vs kz2 mp), it's better than most of any games they can play this year (and graphics, light, ia, etc can't be done on other console)

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shayol33t2658d ago

Fucking gamingbolt, all they seem to piss out is poorly-written top 10's...always.

Bounkass2659d ago

This is seriously the first article that has " far" at the end of a Top ? 2011! Because, all of the articles are like "Top ? 2011!"... And the years not even over yet... Wtf?