Uncharted 3 Beta: Yemen, Syria and other modes now live

Players of Uncharted 3 beta will notice upon selecting matching making today new game modes. All the Co-Op game modes have been re-added including Co-Op adventure and Co-Op Arena. Another surprise is that Yemen is now up and running again. Yemen was taken down early in the beta due to some issues with the map. Co-OpAdventure also have a few new maps such as Syria.


Forgot to Mention that Elena is also a Playable Character Now. And also Party have increased in size.

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Nitrowolf22658d ago

Yemen is such a big map, so much climbing places

rogimusprime2658d ago

This beta just keeps on getting better. Too bad I'll have to level up all over again once the game comes out. Might as well jump in since this is probably the closest I'll ever get to to Yemen & Syria.

Nitrowolf22658d ago

yeah but at least they aren't letting you go empty handed after the beta. You get a good amount of bonuses if you reached the requirements.

DrRichtofen2658d ago

I heard if you download the beta you get a theme and avatar, I did that but havn't gotten it yet do I have to wait for the beta to end?

Nitrowolf22658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I believe You get it when Uncharted 3 comes out. They are unlock for the full games

Sizzon2658d ago

The beta is so much fun, having a blast, but the M9 needs a buff.

MidnytRain2658d ago

The M9 is balanced already. It's very accurate like the G-Mal, but has a high fire rate like the AK-47, so buffing it would make it overpowered. I learned how to use the AK-47 well, so I choose its power over the M9's accuracy.

FEARprototype2658d ago

about time. this is the last day for me on uncharted beta until the game is released. and i will go with a blast.

DNAbro2658d ago

yemen is AMAZING for sniping.

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The story is too old to be commented.