Could The PlayStation Vita Be Sony’s Most Successful Hardware Launch Since The PS2?

Who can forget the PlayStation 3′s first couple of years? From weird ads, very few good games and an unaffordable price tag, Sony’s successors to the PS2 got off to a disappointing start. Thanks to that bad experience Sony Computer Entertainment has learned from the mistakes of the past. This is evident with the successor to the company’s first handheld.

The launch of the PlayStation Vita is still a few months off but the system has already gained appeal from both developers and gamers.

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MrSpace2709d ago

I think it could be because they learnt there lesson with the PS3's price and it shows you that Sony are willing to learn from there past mistakes so that sort of thing dosen't happen again.

I'm pretty sure that by the time the PS4 comes out they'll get it right first time.

CynicalVision2709d ago

It also seems that they're learned their lesson regarding social gaming, the vita featuring cross-game party chat will be pretty popular.

JoGam2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It also seems they learned by adding the second analog stick, it will appeal to more and more hardcore gamers.

Da One2709d ago

^ it will have plenty of FPS and better TPS

deadpoole2709d ago

Release freakin awesome fps with multiplayer and ability to connect ps3 six axis controller to psvita (like pspgo) and u got confirmed customer here Sony.

SilentNegotiator2709d ago

From better controls, social features, price, and easier multiplat COULD potentially have ps2-like success. We'll see. They better get going on development, though. I want to see more original hardcore and core titles.

pain777pas2708d ago

Get your pre-orders now!

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The name sounds stupid..what the fuck is a vita...Jus call it the psp2.

Just_The_Truth2709d ago

a vita is something you'll probably have.

NewMonday2709d ago

vita is "life" in Latin, just call it the PSV(Eindhoven :p).

SilentNegotiator2709d ago

Dead issue. We all got over calling a game system after a slang for urine, and we'll all get over this 100x faster.

cozmo1952709d ago

that's what I thought when I heard it was PSV
but I thought of this

StbI9902708d ago

Man, u suck so much, u suck at sucking LOL

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firemassacre2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

THE PSP was not that good for me because it had basically only (portable ps3 like games) and thats a BAD thing and a GOOD thing.

The Bad is people want a fast game to play, easy and simple. like angry birds, ect ect

The Good. Obviously great games like god of war, wipeout, resistance on it.

Now that vita is getting 150 developers of ALL types and can make CASUAL GAMES aswell as HARDCORE games and all of those sexy features (yum) vita will conquer.

in short vita will be a MASSIVE SUCCESS

Ryo-Hazuki2709d ago

what are u talking about....why do u think it has a touch screen? There's going to be plenty of quick games on the store for ppl like that. They already said many of the android games will be available for the vita. Its a all in one handheld

Misterhbk2709d ago

Well it seems like Sony has another PS2 on thier hands if you ask me. They've got pretty much all the third party devs on board just like they did back then. Throw in the fact that they've aquired a ton of first party studios since then and this system will have games, and that's what sells hardware.

JsonHenry2709d ago

It does look very promising. Especially when compared to the current competition.

miyamoto2708d ago

the lack of Nintendo -like franchises might not bide well for the PS Vita. PS Vita needs the power of new interesting Japanese mascots like Mario and Sonic.

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Inside_out2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

The one BIG, BIG complaint has been the lack of a second control stick. That alone makes the Vita a day one purchase for me BUT, and this is the biggest " but " of all time, it will come down to games and the launch titles to be more specific. If they can deliver a killer app early in it's life cycle then I think it will be a big hit.

OllieBoy2709d ago

It's really up to the developers.

Sony's done their part with a great price and an impressive first-party lineup. Definitely has the chance to do 100 million like the PS2 and DS did.

Zir02709d ago

Not a chance, they will be lucky to replicate the success of the original PSP. Obviously everyone on this site will think it will be a success but when you open your eyes you know that it doesn't stand much chance, just look at the 3DS now. I remember watching the bonus round on Gametrailers when it was announced at E3 and they made some good points for why it wont be huge.

Its a great piece of hardware yes, but only a small amount of people want dedicated handheld devices now, smart phones are just too big. Good luck to Sony because Vita will be the last portable gaming only handheld device for them.

firemassacre2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I would not expect any less coming from you. ever get tired of showing that blue mug all of the time?

SilentNegotiator2709d ago

All you do is downplay and hate anything Sony. No one cares what you think.

qwertyz2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

could be the price point is good but nintendo is better known in the handheld market. but the same might not be the case for ps4 as high end hardware is expensive and of course sony would want to start bleeding edge same goes for ms but they have the deepest pockets in the world so they could easily shoulder terrible losses till their next gen hardware becomes profitable.

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