Drug use and Gaming: a look into underground counter culture

The article takes a look into the drug use of the gaming culture. It primarily focuses on how the use of drugs are more common now at LAN Parties and how gamers use other substances in addition to the caffine/junk food diet most gamers will use for all night energy boosts. It covers typical drug use with Ritalin or Marijuana to more underground substances like methamphetamines and LSD!

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Marriot VP5868d ago (Edited 5868d ago )

come one, halo 2 lan parties and blunts are what make console gaming great

Bishop5868d ago

Please, I have many members in my family who are drug heads and guess what? They don't have enough money to procure a gaming system unless they trade them for a couple of blunts or some crack. The media just wants to make us gamers look bad. Newsflash there are wars, famine and murders going on all around the world and this is what the media uses its power to address? Sad.

Marriot VP5868d ago

I love it how the media blaims video games ONCE AGAIN for not only violence and crime but also now for drug use. Try this one on for size, drug users playing video games because their worthless piles of crap who sit around all day, it's the most entertaining thing for them to do.