Dark Souls Is Pretty Much The Same Game with Better Graphics and Checkpoints, Sweet. (Hands On)

Ripten: Is Dark Souls a true indirect sequel, or just a dumbed down version of the 2009 hit RPG, Demon’s Souls?

When From Software released Demon’s Souls on the Playstation 3, it hit gamers in many different ways. It was deep, challenging, and offered a vast amount of satisfaction upon completing just about anything in the game. Dark Souls is no different. It’s almost an exact replica of Demon’s Souls which in some ways is a bad thing, but also a good thing.

So before you ask, yes Dark Souls is hard. Yes, you will die a lot. The first thing you’ll notice about Dark Souls is the character models and environments. While some of the previous environments from Demon’s Souls are still present, they’ve been completely revamped. It has the Demon’s Souls look and feel, but the game is more colorful and vastly more detailed than ever. You’ll see miles of beautiful green forest over the castle walls, moss growing through each brick and it really makes the world of Dark Souls feel more a...

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Chug2659d ago

Dark Souls will be getting my full attention this fall. Cant wait.

xPhearR3dx2659d ago

It's definitely a fun game to play and the graphics look so much better than Demon's Souls. Can't wait until I can play it some more.

BeOneWithTheGun2659d ago

So I got that special reward for getting all the glyphs on Anyone know what it is going to give me in the game? I'm fricking dying to know.

EVILDEAD3602659d ago

Demons Souls was sipmly addicting crack. Hours flew by like minutes. But I'm not going to lie..I must have restarted that game over and over at least 5 times. Playing as certain characters was fun, but ridiculously hard.

Checkpoints would provide the kind of progression that we are normally used to from other titles, but to be honest once you figured out HOW to progress DS, the games system made complete sense.

Been a From Software fan boy since the old King's Field days and Demon's Souls simply knocked it out of the ballpark.

Can't wait till October to jump into this new world. It'll definately be a bonus to have the option to play for achievements this time as well.


DaTruth2659d ago

Looks like once again I will be practically ignoring Uncharted... and I am a huge Uncharted fan who pre-ordered UC:DF!

Demon's Souls was just amazing to play gameplay wise and the combat mechanics are just done so well with amazing controls. I literally had severe index finger pain from playing this game until GOW3 and Final Fantasy released to let me use my thumbs instead!

Playing Two Worlds 2 made me appreciate just how tuned Demon's Souls controls really were!

led10902659d ago

i don't care if its a copy and paste. They said it will be 60 hours, and 60 hours full of awesome demon souls-like gameplay is epic....epic i say

DragonKnight2659d ago

That's 60 hours if you just go straight through and play only once, which no one will. Demon's Souls was the kind of game that people put hundreds, if not thousands, of hours into. Dark Souls will be no less.

DragonKnight2658d ago

Yeah. I mean 1000 hours is only equal to just under 42 days. And DS has been out for a few years and people are still playing it.

Solidus187-SCMilk2658d ago

I agree, Im actually happy to hear this guy say that. I was worried that they might change it too much.

But it seems to just be more demons souls, and thats awesome.

Prcko2659d ago

i know,and that's why i won't buy it!!!

sdtarm2659d ago

you wont buy it cuz you cant afford it

Goeres2659d ago

There will be a time when you need to spread your wings and fly. Dont let the devs hold your hand for too long!

MysticStrummer2659d ago

Demon's Souls is still my Game of the Generation, so I'd say you'll be missing out big time, but whatever.

DragonKnight2659d ago

Too hard for you? Not enough tutorials, auto-health regeneration, and cover mechanics?

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Kee2659d ago

It is the same game. I want it to be. Demon's souls was incredible.

midgard2272659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

same game but better, they have alot of new features that wasn't in demons souls, things like hiding in coffins and waiting till a player comes by then stealing his body is epic, new bosses, dungeons and baddies obviously aswell.

the only improvement I could ask for in this game is better character creation process, with better lookings faces. maybe some unique wieerd weapon types like Bladed Leg Greaves, but who cares, this game will be my GOTY


Checkpoints are needed in dark souls, cuz its open world, there is no Nexus lol

Miiikeyyy2659d ago

Awww I don't want checkpoints! Just finished Demon's souls few days ago and although It was extremely frustrating, I actually thought it was better that it didn't have checkpoints!

-Alpha2659d ago

Yeah same :/

Though, Demon's Souls had mid-game checkpoints, but I hope we don't see a lot of them in between

As long as it's harder I wont care though

xPhearR3dx2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

They're actually not that bad. You have to find and activate them so it's not like you can just run to a certain spot while in a fight and hit a "checkpoint". Honestly they're more spawn points than anything. The enemies still respawn from where you came from, and the checkpoints are some what hidden, at least in the demo I played.

There was a good amount of area to explore and there was only 2 checkpoints. One right were you started so the developer could explain them and how they work and what not. Then one hidden in a random room that had a staircase that leaded no where.

If you enjoyed Demon's Souls, you'll feel right at home with this game.

EDIT: Oh and as midgard227 said, there's no more Nexus so they're somewhat needed.

@Alpha - Yea it's really not that bad at all. Less backtracking while keeping the game as hard as Demon's Souls if not harder, is a good thing IMO.

-Alpha2659d ago


Awe, I liked the Nexus

But that doesn't sound bad either.

I'm so pumped for it, I'm going to try and attempt the platinum in anticipation for Demon's Souls

BeOneWithTheGun2659d ago, I hope your not married if you are going for the plat.

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