Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations Stages Wishlist

SI lists with detail and images 12 stages to include in the latest Naruto fighter, Storm Generations.

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tayz2709d ago

all 12 new ones of these are worthy to include.

Yi-Long2709d ago

... I thought most VS stages in UNS2 were quite boring, and I pretty much only used the very nice Konoha stage...

Really looking forward to this game though. I just hope the free-roam makes a return (as in being able to jump on the roofs of buildings and such, instead of the focussed camera 'free-roam' of UNS2.

tayz2709d ago

ya i was like wtf when i saw there wee like 10 forests that all were the exact same. i only liked the uchiha hideout and the konoha one you said.

naruto2222709d ago

game would be complete fail if they missed the firts 4...Great Naruto Bridge, Chunin Exam Preliminaries Arena, Chunin Exam Stadium, and Top of the Lookout Tower

RedDead2709d ago

Hmm...all for the eye's. stages don't matter much..although variety is nice.

FlareDReborn2709d ago

I approve of all these stages.

Blackpool2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

All of the stages are good except the "Ship". And i think they should work on the fighting system 1st before they work on anything.

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