Amazon has the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition half off for limited time

XMNR: Amazon promised a 50% off deal for a certain Playstation 3 exclusive and it has come through with a Lightning Deal on the Collector's Edition version of Killzone 3.

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TheShow172658d ago

I was originally hoping for Infamous 2...

I'm going back and forth on KZ3 now. I was hoping it was just the game for half off-something like $25-$30. I don't want to spend $40 and get the extra statue and replica helmet I'll probably just throw away.

After I logged in and got the 'continue shopping recommendations' and saw Dead Space 2 for the same price of $40. I'm thinking of getting that instead.

Horny2658d ago

Can't go wrong with either. Both are worth 40. You can sell all the extra content on eBay or craigslist.


This game sucks...Killzone 2 is much better.

DoomeDx2658d ago

Fun thing is. i used to hate Killzone 3 too, but i got used to it. I still play it from time to time.

Killzone 2 is great, and so is killzone 3. they both have their strenghts

ShoryukenII2658d ago

Killzone 3 took out server browsers (where we make our own custom servers), proximity chat (volume increasing the closer you are to someone, not hearing them if they are on other side of the map), put in a new menu that took them 10 minutes to make, ruined the story with a crappy ending written by a 12 year old, took out spawn grenades (which allowed us to spawn anywhere in the map where they were deployed) and added Tactical Spawn Points (that can only be captured by a single class and are a huge distraction, without them, you'll lose the match). They also lowered the player count from 32 to 24 (even though we know they can do 32). They reintroduced maps from KZ2 like Tharsis Depot and only let us play it on Team Deathmatch with 16 players.

Killzone 3 is a huge disappointment for nearly all Killzone 2 fans. It may have brought in some newcomers but not without shitting in the faces of vets. I hope they make things right in Killzone 4. They can't leave it like this. :(

gamingdroid2658d ago

I almost bought KZ3 Hellgast Edition for $60 (cause I'm a sucker for Collector's Edition's), but after hearing how it is even worse than KZ2, I think I'm doing a rental or loaner on this one.

That is a great price though, and my inner voice is telling me to get it! Have to let go....

sickbird2658d ago

great deal for anyone who already owns kz3, trade in kz3 for $27 and get the Collectors edition for $13 BOOM!

kulex472658d ago

Amazing Deal, sure am glad I didn't buy the collector's edition until just now, I'd be pissed! =)