Console Domination Season 1: Episode 3

Paul Barbara and Larry Ragland are back in "Return of the Plushy", wait that's a really lame joke isn't it? let's hand the space over to the guys and let them do what they do best. Talk the talk about the gaming world around us.

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Mnemonic-DK2707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

2 things:

First of all, how about a RSS feed for those of us not included in the cult of the turtleneck?

And secondly: I tried listening to your 1st podcast, and I don't think I have heard an bigger fanboy than the self-declared "biggest Halo fan ewar" that commented on the E3 shows.

"Kinect is all about HC games" and "Sony's conference didn't have any games at all" - maybe I don't get it and this is meant to be a sarcastic show - but in that case you're not very good at it...

I don't think I'll waste any more time on your podcast.

Not recommended.

Games_R_Us2706d ago

Awesome podcast guys, I truly enjoyed it. And I like how Larry said he is a halo fan, and can admit that. I agree, Sonys Conference was terrible, I'd rather watch paint dry.