GamesRadar - Burnout Crash! hands-on preview

GamesRadar - To say we were a little surprised by Burnout Crash! would be an understatement. All we knew going in to EA’s Summer Showcase reveal was that the game was a new XBL/PSN Burnout entry being developed by Criterion. Say no more, we’re there. The game itself was something of a shock though, a 2-D top down puzzle/racing hybrid that builds off the core of the franchise’s legendary Crash mode by adding, of all things, pinball and pachinko elements.

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R8342709d ago

Game doesn't seem like something I'd buy, but an interesting read anyway.

R8342709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I love Criterion and the Burnout series - Paradise was brilliant (haven't played NFS Hot Pursuit yet) - but it really feels like they're selling out with this game.

If there's a demo, I'll give it a go. Otherwise, probably no purchase from me.

Beahmscream2709d ago

Casual gamers are ruining the gaming industry.