Evoking Memories of ICO and Shadow of The Colossus. TGL Hands On Impressions With Journey

"Solitude is perhaps the most appropriate synonym for describing the isolating and insular experience evoked by ThatGameCompany’s Journey.

30 minutes with Journey’s beta is perhaps one of the most therapeutic, healing and curative experiences you will take all year."

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SwilloTGL2659d ago

It's beautiful alright...

mt2659d ago

i saw the latest Qore episode, i gotta say journey has a very crazy sand effect even though sometimes it feels like a water not a sand regardless it is very amazing.

crackerface_whitey2659d ago

I heard the controls for the game are terrible, like you have to sit keeping the six axis completely still otherwise the camera spins put of control.

I think that would piss people off if they couldn't switch it off.