We're an Xbox Live Gold Kind of Family

GoozerNation takes a look at the details of the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack, which includes 4 gold memberships or less than the retail price for 2, and discusses some of the offered security features.

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Neo Nugget2659d ago

"stuck playing PS3 games online for the past several years."

Makes it sound like it's a bad thing O_o

RedDead2659d ago

It wasn't the best for a few years. Example, PSn has improved vastly since release and added trophies etc, XBL, has been the way it is now since release. Except they added party chat. One thing MS has done right is the XBL service. Cost is too much for me these days though haha, naw i'll get a month of it for Gears 3.

Pc has had all features and more of both consoles so eh..ya

Series_IIa2659d ago

I like the xbox Live part...

... I just don't like the tranfer of cash per month.

Mr_Lu_Kim2659d ago

We're an Xbox Live Gold Kind of Family

"we are a dumb family"

Sarobi2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I like Xbox Live as much as the next guy, but having to pay to play multiplayer for a bit here and there just doesn't seal the deal with me anymore

divideby02659d ago

I have been a day one Gold live subscriber.. many around here cant say that.. I am didnt renew this past time and I realized what a waste of buying games which I cant play since I wont pay to play on Live..
hence Gears is the only title I will buy for my 360 and I will get a 3 month pass on the cheap to play it online.. that trade the game in.. only have to thank MS for NOT having games for us core users, vs them catering to the casual crowd

Redgehammer2659d ago

Obviously, I am in a different "core" than you are.

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