gamrConnect Celebrates 20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog

gamrFeed writes:-
"20 years ago, the world would witness the rise of the Blue Blur! Never before had the gaming community seen anything like this Speed Demon, blasting through corkscrews, flying through loop-de-loops, and running wildly through the world with a 'tude like no other. Sega had done the impossible: they had created a character and a series that could rival Nintendo's behemoth mascot Mario, and let me tell you, Sonic challenged him with style. But beyond the rivalry, the Sonic games could stand on their own as incredible platform titles, and Sonic built a fanbase that holds strong to this day. So now that we're in the year 2011, 20 years after Sonic's debut... I say we celebrate Sega's gaming icon by looking back on what he's accomplished these past two decades. Should be fun!"

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