Game Guys E3 Impressions: Power A

Andrea Camption writes:
"Power A this year had accessories for every system and handheld it seemed, minus the PSP. I was told they're even looking at the PlayStation Vita and to make products for that. When looking at their line-up, it's interesting to note they generally strive to make their products officially licensed when possible. "

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BakedGoods2659d ago

This is why independent journalism matters. Most people don't give a damn about Power A (or even know who they are).

Great article. Thanks for the info.

~ Sincerely, gamers.

Vortex3D2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

I have the wired Pro model for PS3 controller. It's the most comfortable PS3 controller after buying several other 3rd party controllers. I never like the left analog stick location or L2/R2 or shape of official PS3 controller.

Solans Scott2659d ago

I have the wired pro controller for Ps3 as well. The controller would have been so much better if it didn't have huge deadzones. Hope these new models don't have the same problem.