VGChartz gamrFeed¦ Uprising 44: An Interview with Piotr Wasiak of DMD Enterprise Studio

'"It's a game about uprising; you may face a struggle against better equipped Nazis, but you will fight for freedom and dignity in the ruined city... and you will know that, somehow, it is going to be a great defeat. You cannot win, but you must fight for freedom in a hopeless battle. You must fight for YOUR honor."

So says Piotr Wasiak of Polish newcomers DMD Enterprise Studio about their first game, the highly anticipated Uprising 44. Based on the tragic Warsaw uprising of 1944 against their Nazi occupiers in which over 200,000 Poles are thought to have lost their lives, it is a disaster that must be handled with great care and sensitivity, something that DMD are only too aware of: . . '

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Gunshot2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Am I the only one Jaded from all of these MW2 clones?

JTrotter902710d ago

The only similarity is they both involve men, guns and war. That's it.