Rumor: Marvel vs Capcom 3 character list for Capcom's Comic-Con Announcement

8bitfix writes: As we all have been hearing, Capcom may be planning a huge announcement for Comic-Con this month. We know that they were lacking a major announcement for E3 last month. The rumor is that they are planning to announce some Marvel vs Capcom 3 news. What better place to make such announcement that at Comic-Con? Only makes sense, right?

Rumors are also flying that characters are being leaked

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Tuxedo_Mask2661d ago

Still no Cyclops, even though the list is just a rumor. If MvC3 would have released with that roster (with Vergil replaced by Dante) I would have picked it up on day one.

Cheeseknight282661d ago

I would buy Super Marvel vs Capcom 3 if Phoenix Wright actually got put in it.

Cereal2661d ago

The closest you'll ever get to seeing Phoenix Wright in a fighting game is Smash Bros. There is a new Smash Bros game coming out so maybe he'll be in that this time.

maniacmayhem2661d ago

There's already a character on the marvel side named Phoenix. I doubt they would have another character with the same first name.

raiden-492661d ago

come on two megamans thats odd i would like megaman and bass hope its a bit off but sure want gambit :)

PSjesus2661d ago

Waiting for Super MVsC3:Arcade edition the definitive version.....what happened old good CAPCOM

lategamer2661d ago

Old good Capcom? The one that released 20 versions of Street Fighter II? There still around.

Otheros002661d ago

You mean "Ultra Super MvsC3 Arcade Deluxe Platinum Nitro II edition".

Crapcom is still milking street fighter with 20+ different versions of one game as always.

Ninja-Sama2661d ago

Vergil is what they need.

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