What Mass Effect Learned From Chrono Trigger

How Mass Effect re-packaged the brilliance of Chrono Trigger for a new wave of gamers to experience.

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NewMonday2710d ago

in Chrono Trigger you have various chances to end the game, its still the best RPG ever, perfect in everything, story, combat, art, music, replay value.

this should get a cell shaded remake

Redempteur2710d ago


ME probably won't have even half of the ending CT had ...

i mean your decisions in CT aren't just a choices ... it's a matter of what you did , and when you did it.

i'm prety sure nobody will be able to do better this gen than CT

Godmars2902710d ago

That no one has really done better than CT is sadly frustrating.

TheHater2710d ago

Need to get slap back into reality. Compare to CT, ME is as linear as a FPS.

p4warrior2710d ago

The aptly named "TheHater" strikes suddenly with his signature blend of hating and lack of proofreading, then disappears into the night. :P

Godmars2902710d ago

Yeah, say that if ME3 lets you finish it w/Shepard dead. Not committing some act of sacrifice at the very end, but a third of the way in.

Heck, CT is the game that it is because it does what it does, tells an epic story that practically starts from nothing, while ME needs three. Has boss fights CT mid bosses would pic their teeth with.

Ozzie Pants!

TheHater2710d ago

No sure where in my comment I stated that I disliked ME.