Console Wars – Move vs. Kinect: E3 2011 (Round 4)

Move vs. Kinect is the focus of Console Wars Season 2, and in this fourth round, Techno Buffalo look at the impact E3 2011 had on the latest generation of motion controls. Was anything shown off at this year’s E3 that looked like it would change the minds of gamers when it came to these controllers? Was there any game presentation that made LP sit up and shout, “That’s it! That’s the game that will change the whole motion control landscape!”? You’ll just have to watch to find out. A point is awarded at the end of this video, as well as an announcement that may shock you, but suffice to say this battle is far from over.

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Laypoof2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Kinect is a pretty cool gizmo, but it's simply NOT practical for a lot of games. I want to able to hold a tangible object in my hand when I'm motion gaming, which is why I prefer the PS Move. Plus it's waaay more responsive too, pretty much 1 to 1

buttclown2708d ago

I think kinect is harder to make games for because the lack of some type of controller and move wont sell as well because like 360 players, we don't like motion controlling very much

EVILDEAD3602708d ago

Own, play and enjoy both Kinect and Move..

Wii's Killer app always was Wii Sports. Nintendo later found it's cash cow in Wii Fit. Using the plastic 'wheel' Nintendo's Mario Kart dominated..other first party made the rounds but in it's latter life we find that the teen market of Just Dance rose to the top of Nintendo charts. Either way it's the family experience that made Wii sell like hotcakes over PS3 and the 360.

If you could break down Move vs. Kinect in the easiest way..

Kinect dominates the family and party game experience.

Rare's Kinect Sports went at the jugular of Wii Sports and added new experience to motion control ala the track events.

Dance Central is the Guitar Hero of Dancing Games.

Ubisofts Fitness Evovled kill Wii Fit in terms of immersion.

Kinectimals took kids games to a new level.

Finally Child of Eden simply RULES w/ Kinect..

Move's greatest asset is that it is pushed as an alternative control device. Sony hasnt made a

Killzone 3 w/ Sharpshooter is the closest any motion controls have come to competing with the controller for FPS.

But when it comes to fun fact Sports Champions and my fave Top Darts are still the games to own for Move. The sleeper family game is Start the Party.

Although Sony hasn't pushed alot of Move ONLY experiences, if you own Move there are definately many games that again offer the alternative control experiences. While some get it horribly wrong..I think that developers are starting to get a little better at not tacking on Move.

Either way, if you like Motion controls and you have either system..they both can add to what Wii has done successfully the whole gen.


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consolez_FTW2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

Wow...TechnoBuffalo trying to be relevant again....Aren't they the ones who made the PS3 vs. 360 series of vids on youtube? PS move won just because of the titles that support it. Knowing TechBuf. they will say Kinect won just to get hits on their site and youtube.

buttclown2708d ago

Yeah and if you remember he said the PS3 won the first console wars and he broke it down very well. And all in all, he was right when he said there is no real clear winner because you can't go wrong with the one you pick. As far as being relevant, they break it down by performance and features, not biased on what they picked for each category unlike fanboys.

Also if you watched the video he said he couldn't pick a clear winner because he didn't like the way kinect was going and the lack of support the ps move is getting from developers so until he can make a better pick whenever he sees more from both, he was going to put it on hold.

Read or watch before you comment.

Strange_Evil2708d ago

The previous Console war was really good with great details and absolutely no bias. PS3 won based on I think 12 rounds and each of them was well made and explanatory. Even the motion control wars was good and ended up in a tie. So don't BS without reading or watching the videos.

buttclown2708d ago

Totally agree, they broke it down well in the first console wars and said the PS3 was the winner because people were finally start how to use it's tech, but I agree with him that you can't go wrong with either one if you only can pick one. Luckily, I have both. Lol.

I think he was right that there was no way to say which motion controlled gaming was better and if anything the Wii U took the cake this here, lol.

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EVO-OM3GA2708d ago

Well said dude bubbles+ for you

ViserysTargaryen2708d ago

This is a war nobody gives a damn about.

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