RUMOR | The Last Guardian To Support The PlayStation Move? So Says Sony Press Site...

Now this is interesting. The PlayStation Move section of the official SCEA press site lists the long awaited The Last Guardian among other Move games. Mistake or...

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SoulMisaki2661d ago

As long as it's compatible, I don't see any problem. But if it only works with Move, then that's bad.


It shouldn't compromise other things with this compatibility because is developed from the ground up.

Let's wait for TGS! Also for Final Fantasy Versus news.

RatchetandClank2661d ago

I hope this is not why it is taking so long for it to release.

Mr-Dude2661d ago

It's good that they use the Move, but for one i just wanna relax and sit with my controller, turn my 5.1 cinema on and enjoy this masterpiece

SweatyFlorida2661d ago

Exactly the same for me. well said~

rezzah2661d ago

This, the ICO collection and Journey.

These game need to be played in peace while relaxed.

and since I am more relaxed with the DS3 Ill be playing with it over the Move.


Is this going to be in 3rd Person View? Also, it was rumored PS Move long time ago, also with 3D, but it was confirmed months later, PS Move still unknown.

f7897902661d ago

aww now i have to buy Move...

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