The Holiday Top 10 Must Have's

As we are quickly approaching the holiday release season, I find myself almost overwhelmed with the vast selection of video games that are being released. Nate has made a list of his top choices...

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DrRichtofen2657d ago

Not a bad list, I'm glad Ace Combat got some recognition definitely looking forward to that.

King-Bowser2657d ago

Yes Ace Combat does look good. I hope the community is a strong one with Assualt Horizon.

DrRichtofen2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I didn't really know anything about Dead Island and when this article mentions it I felt provoked to learn more and I came across this gameplay video, and wow Dead Island looks like it could be really fun especially with friends.
Heres the link if anyone is interested.

Fobia2656d ago

Can't believe you Bowser...what the hell is it with you and Ace Combat? That game will blow harder than Lair did.

King-Bowser2656d ago

you, my friend, are just hurt that it is closer to resistance than you would like on the list.

scruffyhat2655d ago

How can you honestly rate Skyrim higher than Uncharted? One will be most certainly BROKEN, while the other will look beautiful and work smoothly.

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