Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3

"I used to find it hard to fully imagine the mind-set of a terrorist.

That is, until I played Halo 3 online, where I found myself adopting -- with great success -- terrorist tactics. Including a form of suicide bombing."

Wired's Clive Thompson found himself haplessly stuck in the bottom runt of Halo 3 rankings. In the political economy of Halo, Thompson was an underdog (the "have-not") constantly being humiliated and marginalized by the elite players (the "haves") over and over again. And he got sick of it. So he finally resorted to the psychology of asymmetrical warfare (i.e., terrorism) for revenge and evening out the playing field... and then he had an "aha" moment and began to understand how real-life terrorists feel and think.

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crazy250003998d ago

thats.....i dont know what to say, but they are being humuliated, so they gotta do that

PS: Halo promotess terrorism!!!! someone call FBI :) lol jk...had to say it

MK_Red3998d ago

Hope media doesn't hear about this story or they will call gamers and Halo player terrorists. Seriously, the games are used to train US troopers so the gamers should also be called patriot soldiers.

InMyOpinion3998d ago

Is'nt everyone in the US more or less considered a terrorist threat? Mass-paranoia. Big Brother society here we come! =)

Skizelli3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

This mass paranoia is an exaggeration. Terrorism is all Bush and party like to talk about, but if we were so paranoid, why is it the majority of Americans want him out of office? He's a moron that's causing more problems than solving them.

And do you really expect any country to endure something like 9/11 and let it slide? That doesn't mean all of us agree with the war in Iraq. Quite the contrary.

InMyOpinion3998d ago

Oil-money is more important than human lives. If it was'nt, then the military efforts would be used to stop the well known genocide that is currently taking place in Darfur, Sudan. I put most of the blame for this on the UN. Instead of acting they "monitor" the situation and try to negotiate with a government that conducts ethnic cleansing. The people want to save Darfur while the governments of the US and Europe want power in the form of oil from Iraq. It's sick.

dantesparda3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

What's up Skizo, long time no see. But yeah, for once (i guess) i can agree with you. And to Jenzo, "Oil-money is more important than human lives" "oil money"!? huh!? i say "all" money is more important to governments than our lives. When are people going to realize that governments do not care about us. But rather the money and power they can get of us.

As for suicide bombing, what do you expect them to do? they are desperate and have no real other choices. Its really just more of a act of desperation than it is anything else. And then someone came along and justified it with all sorts of religious/honorable (in the case of the Japanese) bullsh!t. But then again, hasnt politics/religion always justified alot of bullsh!t?

People, the true super-powers of the world are money, corporations, governments, religion and the media. Recognize!

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Neurotoxin3998d ago

Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram...

Its just a game, he`s an adult deal with the fact that kids do get more practice than you, stop being a sore loser and instead of blowing yourself practice more...

I cannot believe people are approving this trash.

Sam Fisher3998d ago

man.... wat can i say.... look im american, ill be honest our future r going no where... future society is going down hill if every fuking person, kid (wats next senior citizens?), every living being here keeps going like this.....

Skizelli3998d ago

It's not just in America, friend. America didn't invent war, a-holes, bigots, etc. There's plenty of hatred in this world to go around. Little do most of these ignorant fools know that dislike other countries and their citizens, they're only contributing to the problem and are no better.

Maldread3998d ago

Are not the same, even though you still play a game in "real life" of course, because one is a game and the other one is real. You don`t get another go in real life as you would in a game, so i don`t think you could call it the same thing, even though the writer was trying to get a comic/perhaps even controversial perspective on things.

Hope you`re right on the media not spinning this MK Red, although it wouldn`t suprise me if they did...

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