Creating an RPG this gen - 10 Things that are desperately needed

Is the current Generation RPG starved?
These are the 10 Things that fans desperately need any Role playing game to include and rejuvenate the genre.

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shreeveera2710d ago

Anime inspired character cliches,Open world gameplay with a lot of NPCs,sub quests and strategic micromanagement of equipment are the top 3 things that are definitely needed and really work when it comes to epic JRpgs.

I'd Finally request developers to go back to their roots and stop westernizing the games and everything should be fine.

geniusgamerdoc2710d ago

Classic turn based and Tactical rpgs are always better compared to westernized button mashers.

RPGs have really become extinct this gen compared to the PS2 era.

shreeveera2710d ago

Bring FFVII Remake as PS3 exclusive and Im sold.
nuff said.
FFXIII was crap.

shreeveera2710d ago

Why arent XSEED games and Namco bandai bbringing any quality rpgs like last gen

geniusgamerdoc2710d ago

Please bring back Wild Arms and Suikoden to Ps3.