Has COD Become a Casual Franchise?

The Call of Duty franchise has smashed industry records in recent years, but is the series becoming casual?

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NoobJobz2660d ago

In terms of playability, the CoD games are the easiest to pick up and do good even if youve never played before. Its the definetely the easiest game to do good in without much practice. You may go negative in games like Uncharted, Gears, Battlefield, but go 50-2 in CoD.

alousow2660d ago

just say the word "noobs". COD is for noobs

Agent-862660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

And for people who want to dominate "noobs". Guess it must be like "shooting fish in a barrel" for some of these guys. I like more challenge in my shooters so I've been more of BF fan. Plus, I'm a PC gamer and the COD series has really gone downhill on that platform.

Heartnet2659d ago

Dude just cause you cant play it dont mean its for noobs :)

Just you got Beat by a 12 yr old does not mean hes a noob.. means he is better :)

dangert122660d ago

I say it is a casual game,and not really hardcore or seriously competitive because of the lack of fairness in the game.

See when i think hardcore shooters i think
Halo 3, Killzone 2 , MAG

t0mmyb0y2660d ago

lol my gf just went 29-3 today smh :)

the_best_player2660d ago

COD is Casual cause it's very noob friendly and people that play think they have Skill haha.

JLeVRT2660d ago

CoD is successful, cuz it's so damn easy.

gypsygib2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

All of your logic is illogical. If a noob is better than you, you're the noob and that person is more skilled.

Winners win because they're better at the game.

People crying noob sound like sore losers. Some COD gamers are amazing at COD./FACT.

N4G people when it comes to COD are really just's pathetic and I'm not even a big fan of the game....but read the comments - so lame.

stormskiier2659d ago

I know what your talking about im way to busy with school and work to be playing games 24/7 like most the low lifes on this site but CoD games have always been amazing fun with friends and its the only game i have to buy.

NarooN2659d ago

Yeah, pretty much what Tompeeper said.

Ever since CoD4, it's been a pick-up-and-play game. Sure CoD4 might've been the one with the least amount of ridiculous BS in it when you talk about CoD4 and onward, but that's not saying much.

I prefer "real" stuff like Quake and Serious Sam. CoD is fun to go dick around on with some friends, but I could never take it seriously.

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Nate-Dog2660d ago

In certain respects (as Tompeeper says) it has since it is very easy to pick up no matter what your skill or what the time (be it that you're sitting down for a long gaming session, or just popping on for around 20 or 30 minutes). But there are still a lot of people that play the game a lot more serious and "hardcore" (if you'll excuse my loose use of the word) than as if it were just a casual game.

TheDivine2660d ago

I think its popular, mainstream yes but not casual. Its up to you how you play the game. You can have tactics and work as team or just run and gun. There are people that game out on cod and can whip your a** easily, they are not casual or noobs. The peeps who hop on cause their friends play might be noobs but the peeps who get to the highest zombie levels are pretty hardcore. Cod is accessable to everybody, thats why its popular. It has a huge community which makes it the best fps for people who only buy one fps to play online. Their friends are on it which is half the fun. It has great support (might be 15 bux a mappack but thats a lot of content for peeps who only play cod). I dont get the hate, i dont pay for mappacks but let the people who enjoy it game in peace. Who are we to tell people theyre stupid for having fun. :)

dragonyght2660d ago

Has COD Become a Casual Franchise?
hmn....Mainstream Franchise might the correct words

Pandamobile2660d ago

I liked Call of Duty before it was really popular.

Agent-862660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

@Pandamobile, you must mean you liked COD when it was a PC exclusive. To this day, United Offensive is my favorite COD title. It had dedicated servers, large maps, high player counts and vehicles. Who cares that it was WWII? It was still a great game. Ever since the console became COD's primary focus, the PC versions of the game have gone steadily downhill: no dedicated servers, small maps, low player counts and no vehicles.

BroGamer2660d ago

The majority of people I know that play CoD know nothing about the gaming industry and limit themselves to a few games like CoD and FIFA. In my opinion there are better games out there than CoD in both multiplayer and singleplayer, yet the demand for the series is so inelastic.

Xof2660d ago

...CoD has always been a casual franchise.

Shooters, almost by definition, are casual games.

Ser2660d ago

Nah, that's highly debatable. There exist some pretty hardcore shooters out there that casual CoD players would fail tremendously at.

shadowknight2032660d ago

exactly. Operation Red River is a perfect example to a hardcore (non casual) FPS experience. I know I certainly can't just pick it up and dominate at that game, it requires skill and effort.

Xof2660d ago

You're... missing the point entirely.

A casual game is not a game that anyone can pick up and be skilled at. That's called a BAD game.

Casual games are games with simple, approachable mechanics that anyone can pick up and learn HOW to play in very short order. Shooters are the most accessible genre of games out there (for obvious reasons) and therefore are, almost be definition, casual.

Ser2660d ago

The same can be said of any game genre.

Fighters - Press xyz to combo opponent.
RPGs - Press xyz to heal party members.
Puzzlers - Press xyz to solve the puzzle.
Racers - Press xyz to accelerate.
Shooters - Press xyz to kill the bad guy.

There are varying degrees of difficulty for ALL video games. Shooters can be just as complicated as the deepest RPG.

omi25p2660d ago

Bioshock, Fear, Half life, Battlefield.

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